Friday, November 30, 2007

More Typhoid Fever.....

I haven't been feeling that good the last few days, actually I have been going downhill since last weeks diagnoses.
Fortunately Georgia is doing great and should be fine for school next week.
We went back to the Doctors today and I had another blood test, my typhoid levels have actually risen. I have a resistant strain of typhoid and now need to begin a new course of stronger antibiotics. My liver something or other is too high as well which is adding to the pain and misery.

Culture Shock! Jakarta: A Survival Guide to Customs and Etiquette

Highly recommended reading!

If you are thinking of coming to Jakarta read this!

I have been waiting for this book to come out for a few months!

It has finally arrived in Jakarta.

I picked up a copy in Singapore in late October and devoured the book in a day, I wish it was available when we first arrived in Jakarta.

This book is a very comprehensive guide to life in Jakarta, it should be compulsory for all new expatriates as it makes life so much easier when you understand whats going on around you. Even after living here for nearly 12 months I learnt a lot.

The book was originally authored by Derek Bacon nearly 10 years ago and has just been thoroughly revised and updated by a renown Jakarta Blogger, Jakartass.

Some of the topics covered:-
  • First impressions
  • History, Geography and Politics
  • Fitting into society
  • Settling in
  • Food and entertainment
  • Culture and travel
  • Communicating in Jakarta
  • Doing business
  • Fast facts
My copy of the book is up to the third person on the loan list, hopefully I will get it back soon as it is now available in bookshops in Jakarta.
It is also readily available from Amazon.

I was very impressed with this book and hope you will be too.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New technology

I take to some new technology really quickly sometimes...and other stuff just leaves me behind.

For example, ipods and MP3 players.....not one in the house...I don't think I have even touched one.
I still get up and change the CD when it is finished (I have progressed past LP's and cassettes LOL)

But a friend has shown me a new trick.....I can load my CD's (i think it is called rip) on to a portable flash drive and then plug it into the home theater system and have hours and hours of music with out getting up.

WOW what a great trick.

I think I might even be able to weed out songs I don't like and slip in a few repeats of favorites.
The other thing that clever friend showed me was that I can have my photos doing a slide show while I listen to music.
I have discovered that the photos I have taken on my new Nikon D40x look fantastic on the big LCD screen!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Its starting to look a lot like Christmas....

The kids had so much fun opening up all the boxes...

We had to find new homes for all the little pretty things
Its starting to look a lot like Christmas...

Lights and wreaths still need to go up...but we have started......

Even a few shops had started to put up small Christmas displays.

It does feel very different than in Australia where the commercial Christmas juggernaut would be in full swing.

We are just counting down the days until Janny and Tan Tan arrive...then CJ and then Rob...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Typhoid Fever

Yes...Georgia and I have managed to pick up Typhoid Fever, even though we were immunised against it before leaving Australia.

Read all about it here on Wikipedia

But don't be too alarmed, we have caught it early and are on a course of strong medicine and should be fine in a week to ten days.

Our main symptom are tiredness, disgusting diarrhoea, fever and aches. Just like a really bad tummy bug...... We have so many pills and potions to take I have had to draw up a schedule.

2007...A broken ankle and now this.

Georgia is most unamused. Worst was that it is confirmed by a blood test! Georgia's blood does not flow easily...took two attempts and even then the nurse had to pull on the syringe for about 8 minutes to get 1 vial of blood. Poor thing was distraught.
Now the problem for her is the disgusting antibiotic she has to chalk filth she calls it.
Georgia has a countdown marked on the white board for every dose until gone, 4 down 26 to go!

We have probably caught this disease from eating food that some one with typhoid has is spread through poor sanitation and fecal matter.

Oh my doesn't even bear thinking about does it.

It doesn't matter how much we wash our hands in antibacterial soap and use disinfected wipes, we can catch if off food handled by people that don't wash their hands. The food can be infected before I get it and prepare it.

One thing I have noticed is that there is mostly no toilet paper or soap in Indonesian restrooms........

I have spent the morning again at Global Doctors with Sarinah (our housekeeper) having her checked out. Sarinah has been feeling off colour for a week now, as are her daughters and granddaughters.....
I think this is going to be an expensive month.....Sarinah's visit, pathology and meds are 2.3millionRP of unclaimable expenses. The positive is that I know she will get well and have proper medication; at a local clinic I couldn't know for sure that she would receive proper medicine. Fake medicine is a huge problem here.

Dr has told Georgia and I to stay away from school for a week and to not handle food. We also need to use separate bathrooms and utensils from the rest of the family

So.....back to bed, hand washing and lots of disinfecting to keep GJ, Chels and Benny safe.

Hopefully we will start to feel better REAL soon, as this is very yucky!

Why I haven't posted so much

I have been getting a few emails lately telling me to hurry up and post some adventures.
I do have lots to tell but have been sick....oh wait until you hear what with....soon !

But with being sick I have been cranky and crotchety.......really cranky!
I seem to have lost some tolerance .
The traffic in Jakarta has been driving me ready to scream like a banshee. I have also had a few service related incidents here that have driven me crazy with frustration.

I don't want to let a few annoyances make it on to the world stage and give out the wrong impression. So I am falling back on the old saying...

If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing!

Next post will be about what Georgia and I have been diagnosed is a beauty!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dead PC and Bali belly in Jakarta

Evil PC died this week.......not the blue screen of illness but the black screen of death...
I think it has been revived.

It also suffered another setback, it was dropped down the stairs.

It only fell a few steps along with GJ.

GJ was trying to join the broken limb club.....he missed out this time.
He is bruised and has a nasty graze on his head, but is walking and happy!

All the editing on the school individual photos was lost.....I still l have the originals, but not the hours of editing.

Now.....Bali Belly again....Food poisoning, something contaminated, or a bug, I don't know but...I feel sick.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 other words

We are in the final stretch---- only 3.5 more weeks at school for the year (Southern hemisphere schools run form Jan to Dec).

I don't have time to even read emails let alone blog!

We have also just begun the festive season social whirl. It is so fun to have 5 different functions to attend EVERY weekend...BUT I am noticing how my age is affecting my stamina!

We are all tired during the week but luckily manage to brighten up just in time for Friday night!

I am planning the itinerary of exciting things for all our December international guests.....still haven't even begun to plan food and gifts....Hopefully just having them here will be fun enough and they won't notice the lack of intricately planed gourmet meals that I normally do...

I have found green prawns here but not cooked and alcohol is still unavailable so might be a bit challenging to plan ahead LOL

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sri’s Spectacular Salmon curry, Indonesian

Oh my are going to love this!!!!!

My friend T has a wonderful housekeeper that loves to cook. We have now had this delicious dinner twice, and even the kids liked it. I have been asking Sri for the recipe for ages and have finally got it and translated it and then had it checked by Sri.
The photos are not good or artistic at all, as soon as it was on the table all of us were into is that good!

Sri’s Spectacular Salmon curry

3 red chilies(size depending on how hot you want it)
2 teaspoons coriander seeds
2 teaspoons pepper corns
2 pieces of ginger (size of a little finger tip)
2 pieces lemon grass
2 pieces turmeric (size of a little finger tip)

Grind all above ingredients together to make a paste

2 bay leaves
2 kaffir lime leaves
2 tablespoons of fresh chopped basil
1 teaspoon of brown sugar
1 can coconut cream
400g salmon steaks.
Oil to cook with.

Cut salmon into 2 cm squares
Heat oil in wok until hot and cook paste until smells good.
Add lime leaf, lemon grass, and coconut cream (can add I/2 cup of water if too thick).
When bubbling/boiling add salmon and fresh basil. Cook until just done (approx 2 min). Too long and salmon will crumble.

Please let me know how good it is if you try it...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Dell Dimension 5150

I have spent the last week completing a huge project on the computer.
I have spent hours (20+) on this endeavour. This project is magnificent!
I would love to show you (you should all know by now that I am a shameless show off)
BUT the whole 110MB file is corrupted and I can not open it...............

I do not know why...I do not know how but it is gone.

I am a compulsive saver, every 5 minutes I hit save. It was all ok when I finally finished and saved it. It was only when I made a back up copy that it locked up.

I did not know what to do...I just sat and stared at computer.
I could not understand how it could do this to me.
I was torn between screaming, sobbing or crying........
I ended up having 2 panadols for a throbbing headache and going out to lunch....

I have to start over...the project has to be completed....but what if it happens again?
My computer is upstairs next to a window........will I open the window first or just go with straight through the glass? I am warning you will go down if you muck up again.

Shoes in Jakarta

I bought a new pair of shoes last week and have realised that I have just hit a milestone moment in my life.

I bought a sensible comfortable pair of shoes........................
I went out expressly to buy the aforementioned shoes........

OH NO I am not a shoe aficionado any more!

Since my ankle is still swollen and sore I need support. I need comfort.

Hi my name is Jen and I wear sensible shoes.

I think it will be at least another six months until I can wear high heals again and little strappy numbers have proven not at all suitable for Jakarta. (I was wearing my Crocs when I broke my ankle)

And speaking of broken ankles, guess who is a big copy cat.....

Rob is,
he was plucked from the ocean last week and now has a plate and 12 pins holding his ankle together.........He was given drugs at hospital (not like me, I am quite jealous) but is now at home mastering crutches. He is still coming for Christmas though!

Ball Gowns in Jakarta

It is Ball season here in Jakarta.

And as all women know, you simply must have a new gown for each ball LOL.

No you don't, but you do need more than one!

I decided for the upcoming ball I would like to find a ready made one, hopefully cheaper than what I could get one made for. We are the poor Australian expats, the ones who aren't in the banking or oil industries.

My first foray was to Pondok Indah Mall- Dismal. There was plenty of tiny sizes, zero my size.
I met a nice American lady who was also gown shopping to no avail. This is my favorite mall in Jakarta.

Next attempt was the city, Plaza Indonesia...even more dismal. This time there was plenty to choose from IF you were a prepubescent tween shaped woman.....In the end I just went straight to the sales assistants and asked if there was anything in their shop that would fit me. A few staff members managed to keep a straight face and say no...most burst out laughing and sniggering I KID YOU NOT!
Even if there was something that would of fitted me I couldn't of afforded them. One shop had stunning creations that started at 10 Million, that would be just under AU$1500.

Last attempt was Pasaraya Grande. stock and huge range of sizes. I got a ready made, perfectly fitting, black, full length ball gown for 350 000RP. This is about AU$45. This dress also match's some shoes I already own....GJ is most impressed! I have the dress at the tailors this week lowering the neckline a little which will cost less than $10.

Duty free alcohol in Jakarta

There is another problem at the moment with getting a bottle of wine. Some crack down has occurred...or bribe whoops I mean payment has not been paid.

You can not enter the duty free/wine shops at the moment unless you have a diplomatic kitas card.

Unfortunately stocks were running a little low at home.

Friend to the rescue!

My friends husband works at an embassy here in Jakarta and took me shopping. When her choir group heard about it they all came too..........

10 women all with filled trolleys all saying "we are with her".

The official that was supervising was humming and harring and kept saying no more but we all got through. This was especially fortunate as I was the last in the queue!

Hopefully the correct payment will be made and the right documents filed and the duty free business will be back in operation before the festive season.

There is another non duty free shop in Kemang, Vin+ don't bother ..the shelves are almost empty.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The rains have arrived

The rainy season has day it was still dry and the next rain...and it has rained just about every day since.
Grime has washed is slightly cooler (higher humidity has got here yet) and everything is so green and lush.

I am still running around like a headless google reader got up to over 1000 last week. I deleted everything....but it is creeping up again LOL. I still haven't answered many emails, I will I promise......just don't know when!

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween 2007

This is my Halloween capsicum! I wasn't ready to attempt pumpkin, maybe next year.It has a tea light in it and it graced our table every night!

The girls have so been looking forward to Halloween. It is not a big thing in Brisbane Australia.
Here in Jakarta some of the shops in Kemang have had a good selection of decorations and costumes. Kem Chicks even had a man in the car park carving your bought pumpkins.

Wednesday was a Halloween fancy dress day for school. The kids were running around having a ball.l Unfortunately only one other teacher dressed up. I was Miss Jen, vampire queen.

Georgia still managed to do morning exercises dressed up as a witch! The school is making the year book at the moment, I think all the class Halloween photos should make it some great shots.

We didn't get to do anything in the evening, Ben and I have succumbed to the tummy bug going around.........we have spent the last day and night tag teaming the bed and bathroom.
Hope it will pass soon as we have another big weekend planed!

Our first lot of Halloween decorations.

Weekend re-count.....Sunday

Sunday was another fun filled day.
First we were off the Harley's birthday party, it was a very organized, fantastic super heroes party. We stayed on a bit later (it became adults wine time LOL) and the kids had so much fun watching Harley open his presents....Ben used it as a wish list...he kept bringing things over to show us what he liked.

We finished the day at home with a friend over for dinner and drinks.

A lovely weekend...

Weekend re-count.....Saturday

I laughed at this title...this is my Monday theme for this term with my ESOL students.
We discuss our weekends and then I help them write it into sentences. A lot of the kids know all the words but are unable to write correct sentences (ie correct tense, structure, pronouns, using adjectives etc).
So here is my version


I arranged for Mrs A's antique dealers friend to come to the house for a showing for a few friends. Pak A is from Surabaya St and has a great selection of batiks from around the archipelago. (If you want his contact details just email me)
We had a great few hours oohing and aahing over some beautiful fabrics and objects.

Later on the families joined us for a party, and this is when I found out our homes new nickname-

The Chocolate house.

Our chocolate fountain is so popular and memorable that it has named our house LOL
One of the kids when they found out they were coming to our house said oh, the chocolate house!

The nine kids play so well together, no fights!!!! so out came the chocolate fountain.

This time we were clever, all the adults had a quick dip in the fountain before the hoards descended.

Our fountain was a Christmas gift from Aunty Tan has been a very much loved present, one that I would heartily recommend.

This is my new Jamu lady statue......GJ thought that the dealer had forgotten her for a while...until he checked his wallet.... This statue is about 1.2m high and we are calling her granny Jamu. A Jamu lady is a lady trained in traditional herbal remedies that travels around
neighbor hoods dispensing cures. We often see a lady on our way to school.

After quite a few wines we did have to put a blindfold over her eyes as she was staring at some of us!