Thursday, May 11, 2006

Aunty Tan Tan, April 2006 in Sydney

Here is Tan Tan with Ben (above) and Chelsea (below) at dinner. Chelsea is in the background on the piano. We were pleasantly surprised at her innate ability.

The girls are playing with Ben's Bob the builder toy tools, they are trying to floss Tan's teeth with her underwear!
I am going to get this photo printed for Janny.....

Saturday, May 06, 2006

At home in Sydney, 9-20 April 2006

Georgia has got into Aunty TanTan's makeup, luckily there were no smears on Janny's (grandma's) white lounge.
Photo taken by Chelsea, Janny, Georgia and Jen at dinner.
A very tired Chelsea with her makeup well applied by Georgia.
Ben's had his third bath of the day in the laundry tubs after missing the potty and making a huge mess (yes, both types of mess!) during dinner.
Here is Ben with makeup and a bloody nose from banging into Jannys bedhead.

Sat 15.4.06, High Tea @ The Intercontinental

We had a girls day out today at the Intercontinental for HighTea.
Highly recommended, service was great and buffet was well stocked and maintained. I loved how they served champagne with your tea!!! The girls loved getting dressed up, but the highlight for them was riding up and down in the old wire cage lift. Greg took Ben down to Collaroy beach for his special day out.

Good Friday 14th April 2006

On day 5 of our Sydney holiday, Tanya and I took the kids to Taronga Zoo. Greg was lucky enough to enjoy a day of solitude!!!! Tanya and I were fortunate to grow up only 15 minutes from the Zoo, so it is very familiar to us. I think that it is one of the best Zoo's in the world. It was Ben's first trip to the zoo and he loved it, boy he was exhausted by the end of the day. The new elephant exhibit was open but no elephants, apparently they are still in quarantine. The new food court was good, great skinny mocha's. Perfect Sydney weather then home to Mum's for champagne, fresh prawns and Atlantic salmon on the BBQ, cooked by master chef - a well rested Greg!

12th April, 2006 The show

My sister, Tanya and I, took the girls to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. This is the first time the girls have been. I haven't been for nearly 20 years (showing my age here!) Of course Sydney had a heat wave on the day we went, it was 32 degrees. We had a great time. The new venue is great, no seats in the shade though. It was a very expensive day, I spent about $250.00 for the 3 of us. We didn't go on any rides as we go to the Gold Coast theme parks at least 4-6 times every year. The show bags were only average, the girls loved their Winx club ones and Ben thought that the Bob the Builder bags were fantastic. We all got 3 bags each. The best value ones were the womens magazines ( Donna hays, Better homes and gardens etc) I have got a taste for the new "CHAI" coffees from a sample in a bag. http://
The girls can't wait until August when the show arrives in Brisbane http:///