Saturday, May 31, 2008

Torchwood, BBC Wales.

I have just finished season two of Torchwood.

Oh it was so much fun....I can't wait for the next season!

It definitely isn't my usual genre, I first watched the pilot on a flight to Singapore in 2006 and was instantly hooked. I found season one at the dvd shop a year later and was so pleased to find season 2 last week.

If you ever see a copy grab it , it will be worth your while, I highly recomend it!

In Australia, Network Ten has bought the rights, but is screening it at the ridiculous time of midnight every few weeks.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Schweppes Soda Water

I got a very funny question at school yesterday afternoon........

I went back to get the girls and walked through reception with my can of soda water and one of the receptionist asked if I was drinking beer!

It was 2.20pm!

I nearly fell over from laughing.

It turns out that this lady had never seen a black soda water can before and had no idea what it was.

Soda water is hard to find when out and about in Jakarta.
Everything is sugary drinks, tea based or tepid bottles of aqua.

Luckily Soda water is available in all the big supermarkets. I drink about 8 to 10 cans a day, I never have to worry about reaching the daily water intake LOL.

Which is just as well as I am addicted to it! There is nothing as nice as an ice cold soda water (except another one).

I am very boring with my choice of liquids....I only drink water, soda water, coffee and that order.

Just in case you are not sure...soda water is plain water flavour, salt or sugar.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian

We took the kids to see the new Narnai movie yesterday.

Movies are very reasonable here in Jakarta, we paid 25 000RP per ticket which works out about AU$2.95. I love how they have reserved seating, you book your seats at purchase so you can get good seats.

We all loved the movie, a few plot gaps but the kids didn't notice. It is definitely a movie for the big screen. Ben was transfixed and not at all scared. He was waving his arms around in unison with all the sword fighting and was amazed when the trees came to the rescue.

We can't stop calling Chelsea, Queen Lucy, she looks so similar to the actress Georgie Henley who plays this role.

I actually bought over my very old boxed set of the tales of Narnia and have convinced the girls to read them. I might have to have a re-read as well.

It's a hard life.........

The kids spent days working on their mermaid princess castle.......
While we lazed away the days.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Taman Wisata Alam, Carita

We did another great hike in the national forest at Carita (west coast of Java). As the conditions were dry we were able to hike down to the water hole.
Now I say hike but what I mean is scramble down a sheer cliff with back pack and kids displaying mountain goat ancestry......I don't think I have ever sweated so much. I did turn the camera around and take a shot of my face...but the dripping white orb is so not going on this blog!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though we were up a mountain, it is still the tropics and is boiling hot and humid at all times.
Once we climbed the mountain and then clambered down the cliff there was a wonderful rock pool for swimming in. The water was refreshingly cool and clear. I tried to get up the back where the kids were but my dickie ankle couldn't get there......I was content to sit and wallow and cool down and mentally prepare myself for getting back LOL. Actually climbing up was much easier! Even now, four days later my thighs are still stiff and sore.......Ben was the youngest and managed the walk ok, he just need help climbing the steep parts. The walk to the top of the water fall is much easier.
This National park is about a 15 minute drive south of Sambolo beach with no clear signs....There are monkeys through the forest, but we didn't see any on this visit.
In the photos of the kids that I sent to family some one noticed that the kids were eating Arnotts shapes biscuits! They also had some Natural Confectionery Company lollies. Gourmet garage has stocks of Australian snacks and have just got in......Violet Crumbles. Well they did but I just bought the last 3 well as some Pascall marshmallows. Japanese marshmallows from Hero just don't melt/toast on the fire

How is this for the perfect spot for a family portrait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have blurred out the bodies, but trust me, this is a BEAUTIFUL family portrait, taken by yours truly.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Soccer themed 9th birthday party

We had a lovely day for M's 9th birthday at Sambolo.
The bright soccer uniforms really stood out at the beach. Ben played his first game of soccer...he had no idea what was going on, just that you had to chase the ball. He did get a little side tracked and started to remove the goal posts but as soon as the ball came close he was up and chasing it again.
Water b0mbs and water pistols were a great way to cool down after a hot game of soccer. (it sounds like I was actually hot........LOL, I was the soccer mom photographer so no soccer or water sports for me.........)

Cake, a pinata and fireworks after dark finished off the party. My kids want their birthdays at Sambolo now.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Beautiful Green and Blue verses ugly Red and Black

Look at all this Java beauty and yet in the middle is a huge tower belching fire and smoke......

I didn't get any Anak Krakatoa volcano shots this trip...the air was filled with smog and haze and we could not see the horizon.

These ladies were harvesting something out of the seaweed/rock pools. It was so still and serene.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Green relics

We went rock pooling whilst in Sambolo.

The shore was covered in this weird fluorescent green sea weed.
It looked like rolled up fishing net.
It had no smell and was really good to decorate the kids sand castle with. It was filled with little hermit crabs and other types of sea weed.
The moss/sea weed stuff on this rock was so soft and incredibly bright.

We found this hunk of rock/coral and decided it was a fossil of a small really looks like a small critter.
The kids were amazed and still think it is real.......

A pig of a man verses a sensible sun protection policy

I meet a real life pig last week...LOL.

He overheard a conversation about bringing two laptops to Sambolo so the kids could have girl and boy movies on at the same time.

He suggested a ball instead.........

Fair comment, yes kids do need exercise.

But more importantly they need protection from the sun.

We have a very tough sun policy.

At Sambolo it is swim time from dawn to 10 am.
One more hour is allowed for play in the shade (if caught in sun it is straight inside!)
From 11am to 2-2.30 it is inside activities with lunch. We bring books, colouring and painting, modeling clay and DVD's.
The littlies often have a sleep too.
From 2.30pm it is swim time until they fall exhausted into bed.
At all times the kids wear sunscreen and swim shirts as well as board shorts.

The Pig was convinced that the kids are going to get rickets and that they are very likely to have severe vitamin k deficiency....yeah right! He was very loud and vocal in mine, and other mums stupid habit of protecting the kids skin from the sun.

What an idiot..........

Luckily he has been put back on a plane and has left Jakarta.

Goodness knows what other ridiculous ideas he feels the need to loudly share........

I am ploughing through lots of photos to share....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Flickr and photo storage.

I am extremely aware of how easy it is to loose all your photos. I would be devastated to loose any of my precious memories.

I heard of many tales of people losing loved ones or of fires etc and not having any photos during my years at Kodak.

I have two portable hard drives with all photos on both of them. I also burn all photos to DVD before deleting them off my memory cards.

I have been using Flickr as well for the past few years.

I currently have over 12 000 photos stored there. Nine and a half thousand people have had the fun of looking at my travels, but not any more.

It was mostly open access for all up until recently. I found that strangers had saved some of my photos of the kids as well as other peoples kids.

Any photo that was remotely inappropriate was never made public BUT Photoshop is so accessible now that I don't want having the kids images available to any old p+rv+rt.

I have officially complained and listed out sites that were of a very dubious nature and have now made all my photos for family and friends only.
If I actually know you I will share the photos with you, email me and I will tell you how.

Friday, May 16, 2008

JL Banka, near Kemang

This is just 5 minutes away from the suburb of Kemang in South Jakarta.
This is such a city of contrast.
The new development is right next to run down old shacks.

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am in the midst of packing for our next jaunt off to the wonderful Sambolo.

I still have a few highlights of our last trip to share.....

The local fish market.

About 10km south of Sambolo there is a fishing village with stalls selling all things seafood.
Now you can send the houseboy BUT it is much more fun to go yourself and choose your dinner (MUCH cheaper too). We walked along and poked and prodded fish until we found the perfect ones for us. Red snapper, prawns, calamari and little lobsters all done on the BBQ. The corn on the cob and roast potatoes were mighty fine too.
At the end of the street you could see the river where the fishing boats were all moored, they were very colourful. I would of spent more time looking but the local dump was right under my feet and the smell of a local dump of a sea side community is very fragrant. I think it burnt the inside of my nostrils!
Favorite shots
I took these next two photos at an impromptu celebration for friends of friends. I just love the atmosphere they convey.

GJ took his boards as well as the boogie boards. The swell wasn't enough for surfing but GJ gave it his best shot. The kids were all lining up for turns. We threw Bens life jacket in the car at the last minute and it proved to be a great idea! The surf was definitely up for this visit and he sometimes a little too brave with water. He and I got dumped by two big waves in a row and he was literally torn from my grasp. In his life jacket he just bobbed up and had lots of straps for me to grab.

What the bungalows and surrounds look like.

I feel like I am running a tourist site for Sambolo and the Ritz........we do tend to stick to good things when we find them LOL
The best on the beach, yet again.....I think the vendor that sells the fireworks LOVES it when we come. We had a bonfire too, but I don't think I would again...very stressful with so many kids running around.

Our explosives expert also whips up a really nice set of candle holders.........fascinating what a few glasses of bubbles makes me interested in taking many, MANY photos of.
We were all geared up for a Hawaiian themed party this weekend but the birthday girl has changed it to a soccer theme.......Hawaiian would be easy, but theme!!!!!!!!
If you know me RL you would be spluttering all over your screen about now.
I have come up with the answer....I am going to be a glamorous private school soccer mom!!!!!
A glass of champagne, a sun visor and a folding chair and I will be perfect for the fancy dress party!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time stopped.....

Ben had a little accident last night which took at least 15 years off my life.
He was monkeying around (as 4.5 yr old boys do ALL THE TIME) and pulled this sideboard table over on top of him self.

I watched the table top land on his neck...just like a stopped for moments.

The edge bounced of his chin and ended on his chest and the draw came out in advance and knocked him. He slammed the back of his head on the tiled floor. He was writhing in pain and was breathless, the screaming took about 45 seconds to start, little bits of blood followed.

All is ok now but I was so traumatized, he was too and so upset so I put him in my bed. I wanted to be able to check on him during the night and hold him close.

This is where the difference between dads and moms comes in......

Mums comfort, check for injuries and fix all with masses of kisses. Afterwards they realise the enormity of what could of happened.

Dads tell them that it's nothing, bruises aren't there and that it is not really blood...then they (the male parent) have a very loud attention seeking tantrum when they don't want to share a super-king sized bed with a quietly sobbing, possibly concussed little boy.

Isn't it lucky we have a guest room for cranky old men.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Look at this.......oh my goodness I have so much more speed!
This is in Jakarta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mothers day Brunch at the ritz carlton

We had a wonderful Mothers day with friends (and half the population of Jakarta...tables in the foyer!) at our favourite, The Ritz Carlton Jakarta Brunch spectacular.
The kids had a wow of a time at the themed kids club. They decorated muffins for a special treat.

The kids all had chefs uniforms to get in the mood and had craft areas to make cards as well as a gazillion other activities..
The chef presented all the mothers with a wonderful cake and red roses.

After lunch we had a Mother and Child fancy dress fashion parade.

The kids had the exclusive use of the grand foyer room.....and loved it.

The Ritz really know how to put on a party...and we really know how to enjoy it! We left at a civilized time this weekend...we didn't have to have the lights turned out on us.

I have to make a special mention of the entertainer on the day. A man (TBA) strolled around singing in five different languages, Wonderful! He was nice too.....especially when my kids nearly trampled him down to get to the kids club.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Still no internet acess

I am now in my 4th venue of the day looking for internet access. I have work screaming out for my attention and no way to access the details.
I also have accountants wanting stuff.
I am now officially an internet junkie....One week with out access and I start severe withdrawals.

I will save the big bitch fest about why I don't have connection

(clue..."i want to upgrade", "certainly Ms Jenny.....let me physically cut your cables and stop all current access and schedule you in for an upgrade in a fortnight"
Very cranky customer........

Here are some hightlight photos of last weekend in Sambolo.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Communication issues

No internet, cable TV or phone........

Will be back soon with THOUSANDS of stories and photos....