Saturday, May 24, 2008

Taman Wisata Alam, Carita

We did another great hike in the national forest at Carita (west coast of Java). As the conditions were dry we were able to hike down to the water hole.
Now I say hike but what I mean is scramble down a sheer cliff with back pack and kids displaying mountain goat ancestry......I don't think I have ever sweated so much. I did turn the camera around and take a shot of my face...but the dripping white orb is so not going on this blog!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though we were up a mountain, it is still the tropics and is boiling hot and humid at all times.
Once we climbed the mountain and then clambered down the cliff there was a wonderful rock pool for swimming in. The water was refreshingly cool and clear. I tried to get up the back where the kids were but my dickie ankle couldn't get there......I was content to sit and wallow and cool down and mentally prepare myself for getting back LOL. Actually climbing up was much easier! Even now, four days later my thighs are still stiff and sore.......Ben was the youngest and managed the walk ok, he just need help climbing the steep parts. The walk to the top of the water fall is much easier.
This National park is about a 15 minute drive south of Sambolo beach with no clear signs....There are monkeys through the forest, but we didn't see any on this visit.
In the photos of the kids that I sent to family some one noticed that the kids were eating Arnotts shapes biscuits! They also had some Natural Confectionery Company lollies. Gourmet garage has stocks of Australian snacks and have just got in......Violet Crumbles. Well they did but I just bought the last 3 well as some Pascall marshmallows. Japanese marshmallows from Hero just don't melt/toast on the fire

How is this for the perfect spot for a family portrait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have blurred out the bodies, but trust me, this is a BEAUTIFUL family portrait, taken by yours truly.


Heidi said...

Is that your beuateous foot?

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

It is the only part of my sweaty self allowed on the blog in this instance.
I didn't trust my ankle enough to navigate out to the rock pools to cool off, so it was only my feet that got relief.......GJ was mean and wouldn't carry me out and sit me on his knee.......

moratmarit said...

Hii..thanks for info.
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