Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Time stopped.....

Ben had a little accident last night which took at least 15 years off my life.
He was monkeying around (as 4.5 yr old boys do ALL THE TIME) and pulled this sideboard table over on top of him self.

I watched the table top land on his neck...just like a stopped for moments.

The edge bounced of his chin and ended on his chest and the draw came out in advance and knocked him. He slammed the back of his head on the tiled floor. He was writhing in pain and was breathless, the screaming took about 45 seconds to start, little bits of blood followed.

All is ok now but I was so traumatized, he was too and so upset so I put him in my bed. I wanted to be able to check on him during the night and hold him close.

This is where the difference between dads and moms comes in......

Mums comfort, check for injuries and fix all with masses of kisses. Afterwards they realise the enormity of what could of happened.

Dads tell them that it's nothing, bruises aren't there and that it is not really blood...then they (the male parent) have a very loud attention seeking tantrum when they don't want to share a super-king sized bed with a quietly sobbing, possibly concussed little boy.

Isn't it lucky we have a guest room for cranky old men.


Heidi said...

Ohhh poor Ben. I hope he's feeling better this morning. Paul is just the same. I bet you and Ben took up only your tiny amount of space at the edge of the bed too, right?

treespotter said...

OUCH!!! I hope he's alright... but yeah, well, boys, we all need to bang our head against hard stuff every once in a while.

afterall, we're gonna have to deal with women for the rest of our lives... need to be ready and prepared.

miss you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Ben is feeling better this morning he is sounding more like Jeremy very day. I know what you were going through Jen. Give his a big cuddle and kiss from Aunty Jo

Ine said...

Hi Jen,
Found ur blog while searching for opinion on Sambolo, and thanks for the very enlightening post.
On Ben ... Yes, you are right! 15 yrs off minimum ... I am still coping with the last shock seeing my 2.5 monkey girl free falling from my swiveling chair. AND from my admiration on how skillfully my significant other manage to direct the pity to his admirable self for not getting his 'usual' sleep.