Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kite flying, Jakarta

Georgia made this kite at school at the end of last year.
It has been up a few times before, but yesterday the wind was perfect and it soared to never before reached heights.

The girls had a fabulous time flying their kite.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hester Basoeki Guest House, Bogor

We spent the day filming the Indonesian activities for the Trans 7 Homestay program at a guest house in West Bogor.

This would be a great place to take out of town guests to see what rural Indonesian life is like. The guest house arranges kampung (village) tours and other cultural things such as cooking classes, rice planting, garden tours and music recitals.

In the below collage, the girls are washing, then riding a water buffalo and playing Indonesian games with the Kampung kids
Below the girls are cooking traditional Indonesian cakes and making hot ginger drinks.

It was a long, hot day which didn't finish until nearly dark. My idea of relaxing in the car for a 2 hour trip home with the AC on full was unfortunately aborted when the driver decided to fall asleep with in 5 minutes of leaving the guest house, whilst driving the car with the kids and I inside. (This was the second time this had happened with this particular driver, it has happened to us before though, so I am extremly viligent)

I debated leaving him in Bogor, but had to take him, as I had no idea how to get home.

My head was about to explode with all the swear words you could imaging but couldn't say in front of the kids!

I can now drive all the way from west Bogor, through Bogor in peak hour traffic, on the toll way to Jakarta and through its peak hour traffic and get home.

On this Indonesian toll way, I discovered that trucks find head lights (in full dark) optional and a speed of any where between 35- 160 km/hr is acceptable.

It was a very scary drive, but adrenalin and maternal instinct can make anything possible.

Needless to say, we now have a new driver!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home Stay program, Trans7 TV

We spent 2 days last week filming for a local TV program. The Home Stay program is a great cross cultural show joining kids of different nationalities with Indonesian kids for a two day home stay.
Georgia and Chelsea spent two days with three lovely Indonesian girls and spent a day doing Indonesian activities and a day doing Australian things.
For the Australian part we played with our new neighbours, the puppies, played in the pool and had fun with the chocolate fountain all at our house.

If I had known I was going to be filmed I would of gone on a diet, done my hair, put more make-up on and worn flattering clothes. Luckily I did have time to remove the wine and beer from the fridge before they filmed it lol!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Maintaining an Australian education

Ocean Queen Resort has an open air bar room where you can relax and socialise while listening to the waves crash onto the beach.
There is a TV with cable for sports (and cartoon) lovers as well as a billiards table.
Only here can you take your young children to the bar, get them to top up your wine from your cask and teach them to play pool!

The bungalows at Ocean queen

Ben was exhausted from non stop activity, he had a few day sleeps as well as big sleep ins. In the middle photo he has just walked in and crashed on the lounge.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach. Indian Ocean

While we were at the Ocean Queen Resort, there was a low pressure system off the northern Australian coast which unfortunately, made the Indian Ocean flare up.
This section of coastline in Java has a very dangerous reputation, and during the week we were there, it was not safe for swimming.

The photos do not show how thunderous and heavy the waves were.
Here is GJ reliving his youth (he grew up on the surf side of an island!). Face book friends will have a real laugh at his hijinks!

This is the beach directly in front of the resort, each bungalow has it own beach hut. Chelsea actually slept out there all night our friend, her ex school teacher! It was a bit too much for Georgia, the crashing waves reminded her of the Bali trauma. She is going to have another try next time we visit.

These are the littlies frolicking on the little beach next to main resort beach. Ankle deep water was enough to knock them over so we only spent a few minutes here before heading back to the pool.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Meet our new neighbours

Marley and Ziggy have just moved in next door.

The girls are in love!

GJ is in love with the fact that they live next door and not here!

These gorgeous babies are only 11 weeks old and need lots of sleep.

They are so cute that even I pick them up and cuddle (I'm not a huge fan of critters).

Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am still in shock about the last 24 hours in Jakarta. Our families innocence and life has changed dramatically. How do you explain to young kids that a favourite haunt is gone and friends could be hurt?
We love living here in Indonesia; Indonesian people are kind and peaceful.
I’m sitting here trying to understand what a terrorist gains….is publicity for their cause going to make people say “wow, what a great religion, let’s convert!”, or is blowing up things going to make people think, “Yeah, western lifestyle is wrong, let’s change”.
Is it just a case of any publicity is good publicity or just bullying by bored ignorant people?
Friends have lost friends and I am left wondering if any of the staff I know at the Ritz Carlton are injured or worse. The security was excellent at the both these hotels, I took my kids there regularly.
I have friends here (in Jakarta) who have lived through the bombing in Ireland and London, and they say life goes on, do not give into the fear, but still there is a huge why stuck in my mind.
I am so sad.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pelabuhan Ratu; a morning walk.

Georgia and GJ are early risers like myself.
They found a path one morning and went back the next day with the camera......

They went across the small beach next to Ocean Queen, past the fishing boats, both new and old.

Up through little jungle paths and across small bamboo bridges until they reached the top.

What a view, it was worth the climb!

Chelsea is of course devastated that she could not wake up in time to join them...she is insisting that she gets to go.
What else is a wonderful mum to do...but book our next escape there :-)

The beach was wonderful!

We had a glorious week in Pelabuhan Ratu on the South coast of Java. Lots of images to follow......
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Monday, July 06, 2009


On Holidays, by the beach.......back soon!

with lots of photos!