Saturday, July 18, 2009


I am still in shock about the last 24 hours in Jakarta. Our families innocence and life has changed dramatically. How do you explain to young kids that a favourite haunt is gone and friends could be hurt?
We love living here in Indonesia; Indonesian people are kind and peaceful.
I’m sitting here trying to understand what a terrorist gains….is publicity for their cause going to make people say “wow, what a great religion, let’s convert!”, or is blowing up things going to make people think, “Yeah, western lifestyle is wrong, let’s change”.
Is it just a case of any publicity is good publicity or just bullying by bored ignorant people?
Friends have lost friends and I am left wondering if any of the staff I know at the Ritz Carlton are injured or worse. The security was excellent at the both these hotels, I took my kids there regularly.
I have friends here (in Jakarta) who have lived through the bombing in Ireland and London, and they say life goes on, do not give into the fear, but still there is a huge why stuck in my mind.
I am so sad.


Jakarta Rocks said...

You poor thing - kids have seen and heard the news (every 15 minutes yesterday thanks to the ABC). The sad look on there faces when the Ritz Carlton is mentioned.

On Thursday we were telling people proudly that we live in Jakarta. Today we are almost whispering it. I actually wish we were there in one way. To get on with life as soon as possible.

Good luck

Anonymous said...

I wish I had some wise words of wisdom for you. I do not understand the motives that terrorists have. I remember sitting for days (weeks, probably) after 9/11 and rocking my then 3-month-old son, obsessed with the news and terrified over what had/was happening. Trying to explain it to my then 11-year-old daughter was impossible. I guess you just keep on keeping on, keep your eyes and ears open, pray often, and hope for the best. Take care and best wishes to you Jen!

Kristina in Nebraska

Jakartass said...

To be scared of rare isolated incidents is not necessary, Jen. To be aware of risks is sensible.

I'm one of those who've witnessed bombs in Belfast and London, been caught up in riots in London and India, and I'm more worried about stepping off, or in front of.a bus in Jakarta. Or of falling through a hole in one of the Busway bridges!

Remind your children that Jakarta roads (and footpaths) are infinitely more dangerous than sitting in a five-star hotel.

emzeegee & the hungry three said...

I've been wondering about you all and how you are coping with this sad turn of events.


Anonymous said...

I know. It's just so horrible and pointless. I think, in their minds, the point is fear. As in, those who don't value life can hold in check those who do, merely by threatening to take it.

Grieving with you.