Monday, July 03, 2006

The world's ugliest baby

The world’s ugliest baby!

See how Ben has morphed from one of the ugliest babies ever into my absolutely gorgeous 2½year old.

Ben was born after a 3 hour labor (yes, 3 hours from start to finish) and was a HUGE 9lb 9oz, 4.5kg. He busted (yes this is the correct word) out in 2 pushes and was black from bruising. He burst all the blood vessels in his eyes, so after a few days when he could actually open his swollen eyes they were red like a little devil cartoon. He also had a touch of jaundice so he really did look like a little ugly troll.
But as you can see he has improved….LOL
He is such a Mummies boy. He doesn’t remember me going to work or Lisa our Nanny, so he is a lot more clingy around others than the girls were.
I am sure that you will think he is as gorgeous as we do.


Leslie said...

He certainly is a cutie now! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm always glad to meet Australian bloggers!

Anonymous said...

He was so scary looking but now he is a cutie. =) why is he in pink? LOL Best Wishes

Tina said...

Eww....Lol now she is so adorable...why did you name her ben?

Jenny in Queensland said...

I am a cruel mother and have reused all the girls old pyjamas. We have one pair of pink PJ's left and if he sees them he goes "no pink, no pink".Luckily for him he is dressed as a boy during the day, otherwise we would have to call him Benae (which we do when the girls cover him in makeup and paint his nails)

Anonymous said...

So glad that you have a sense of humor, that is an ugly baby! He IS cute now!! Most parents will always insist how cute thier kid is, even if they're wrong!!

Jessica said...

Wow... he is precious, now.
I'm sure that his future girlfriends will be shown these baby pictures? I would love to see their faces.

Jess said...

wow he is very cute...he'll grow up to be a very handsome man! :)