Friday, July 14, 2006

BCC another one bites the dust....Fake tan forever..

I have just received the results from the doctor re the thingy/goober/yucky growth that was cut out last Saturday. All OK, just a small bcc, nothing to worry about. My skin is paying me back for all those teenage summers spent sun worshipping on Manly beach. I am fanatical about sunscreen, but this area is just under the edge of the majority of my tops, so has probably missed a dab of sunscreen a few times.

My mantra has always been " pale and interesting..."

I used to be compared to a bottle of milk in a fridge full of Coke bottles, but since I have discovered fake tan I can be a " healthy glow" instead of "pale and interesting" or be both in the same week.

The actual process of having the lump removed was horrible, the local needle was REALLY REALLY painful. I can now see why the Dr stitched Ben's head wound with no local. The sounds were all too close to my ear....
I can honestly say that I would rather push a 10lb baby out than do that again!!! I am so not good with blood, guts and pain.
On a lighter note, I think that my doctor has really good needlework skills.....
I have got a followup appointment with a skin specialist in August....hopefully there will be no more, and if there is I WANT A GENERAL ANASTHETIC.......

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