Saturday, October 27, 2007

Redwood central Apartments Lorong 41 Geylang, Singapore

We stayed in a great apartment in Singapore.
The prices for accommodation in Singapore have skyrocketed. The apartments we stayed in last year have since doubled in price. We managed to find a brand new 3 bedroom apartment about 10 minutes out from Orchard room at the great price of Sing$250/night. This is cheap!!!!
If we were to stay at a city hotel we would have to book two room and pay more than double this a night. The unit had a full sized kitchen and laundry, a bonus when traveling with kids.
We were on the eight floor and had a great view. The complex had a gym but no pool which disappointed the kids, but they still managed to get wet allot on the holiday.

There is no web site as yet, we found them through another of the redwood apartment complexes here.

The taxi fair from the apartment to Orchard road was about $4..... so staying outside the main tourist spot was worth the saving.

Geylang is one of Singapore's red light districts, BUT we were down the other end of the suburb. There was also a MRT station one block away.

We would definitely stay here again.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mr & Mrs Ryan,

I hope this isn't too intrusive for you. A colleague of ours had chanced upon your blog and shared your entry with us.

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to you and your family for acknowledging us with this very encouraging entry. It gives us the motivation and confidence to strive harder so we may better ourselves.

We are eagerly awaiting your return so we may be of service to you again.

Karen & Dorothy & all of us at Redwood

Jeff and Cath said...

Just wondering which reservation service you went with to book Redwood @ Central. There are so many - and all present different package and information.



Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

We booked directly through them. I found them on the web site for the other redwood property and went from there. Web site
Phone is 65 6773 3648.
We arranged it all through the internet and fax and were very happy with the service.
Hope this helps

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