Friday, October 12, 2007

Special School Holiday Treats

School holidays is a time of special treats:-

Cinnamon and sugar on toast for breakfast
Disney channel AFTER dinner
PJ's all day
Fairy bread for lunch
Soft drink at dinner time

any many more wonderful things....

One of the most favourite aspects of the holidays has been that the girls haven't had to pack up their Barbie, Bratz and Polly Pocket mini world each day.
Because it is SO MUCH MORE FUN the next day if it is all ready laid out.......or so they tell me.
But today, day 5 was too much.....GJ and I is the great pack up day!!!!!!!
Ben is sleeping and the girls are trudging around like Cinderella with out a fairy godmother.

Edit...look what these two little Angels accomplished in just one hour....

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brad said...

I've heard that one about it being better if everything is laid out from the day before. We, or she, have/has Barbies and Pollies too, no Bratz. We haven't bought any of those.