Saturday, October 20, 2007

Singapore Night Safari

We went back to the Singapore Zoo Night Safari last night.....woo hoo GREAT NIGHT!!!

It just worked out that it was the first night of the Halloween Horrors, is was magnificent. The park was extensively decorated with Halloween items, all lit very creepily.
All the park staff were dressed up and scattered along dark quiet paths just waiting to get you. Just when a seated mummy remained still for long enough for the kids to think it was fake it got up and moved towards them.........

The tram ride had an extra section which was full of mist and noises as well as monsters jumping out to scare you.....

The whole thing was so well done.

There is no flash photography at all so no photos. This would have to be one of the great attractions in Singapore.
We decided to skip the Zoo this year, we had a really good visit last year and I had the pleasure of growing up 15 minutes from Taronga Zoo in Sydney, so the kids have spent lots of time at really good zoos. plus "It" is too sore for a full day of walking around a zoo.
I would really recommend the Night Safari and Zoo for family visitors to Singapore.

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