Thursday, October 18, 2007

Little India, Singapore

This is the second level of the Tekka markets on Serangoon Road.
Ground floor is the wet markets, ie fresh fish and chicken etc for sale.....very smelly and juicy.
Every cm of space is filled with the most divine, colourful, jeweled saris. It is hot, noisy and AMAZING! We visited last year and regretted at least once a month since that we didn't get the girls a sari.......Georgia is now the proud owner of a beautiful green through to gold jeweled sari. Chelsea is still deciding on a colour............maybe next year.

We wandered through the streets and markets, the kids wanting everything they saw....LOL
Most places were burning incense which made it feel so exotic.
After lunch the two dads took the six kids to a water slide park and my friend and I hit Orchard road.
But we hit a 3.30pm my ankle gave up...I could not walk another step.....I know....

me = shopping Queen
Shopping paradise= Orchard road....
Should of been a bonanza, but I just couldn't do it (GJ and the bank balance are cheering)
"it" is back, swollen and sore...........
So my friend T and I did what any Aussie mom would do...went back to T's apartment to wait for the kids and polished off all the wine in their fridge.............and then all had Indian take away for dinner.

Across the board we ALL had a great day......
I love Singapore.

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Cheria said...

Hey, what an interesting post!
I found your blog through Google, was searching for Little India in Singapore *LOL*