Sunday, October 07, 2007

Amigos Mexican restaurant, Kemang Jakarta

Georgia's birthday dinner (not to be confused with THE PARTY, which will be after the holidays)
The girls started doing gangster rapping poses, I have no idea where they got this from LOL

Dancing Queens.
The girls all got up and did a karaoke version of Abba's dancing queen followed by singing Georgia Happy Birthday.

Unfortunately Georgia did not get up and sing....why you ask??????

Condensed version of a long story......
  • Music teacher is a professional singer.
  • School end of year concert has the entire junior school singing songs.
  • A few kids didn't have "good" enough voices so were asked not to sing, Georgia was one of the three.
  • Georgia spent a week upset sobbing every night until she could tell us the problem
  • GJ was at the school heads office at 7.30am
  • All school personnel shocked and dismayed, situation rectified BUT damage has been done.


Laurel Wreath said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! Great pictures.

brad said...

Ouch. Bad music teacher.

Jenn Lynn said...

Ok, that story at the end made me so mad!! I don't know how you refrained from punching the music teacher. Poor girl! Hopefully, she'll be able to overcome it soon.

Anonymous said...

look like a great night