Friday, October 19, 2007

Singapore Science Centre

We had the most AMAZING day at the Singapore Science Centre. We went last year and the kids all wanted to go again this year.
The place is so organized and family friendly, we spent the entire day there.....over 7.5 hours, I still don't think we saw everything.
The centre is very interactive, the kids can touch, move, start and control the exhibits, which just sends them into an euphoric state.
We had six little blonde kids running from stand to stand screaming in joy, they blended in with all the other kids screaming in joy.

The exhibits were all educational, but wrapped up in so much fun!

Visitors tips....
  • Don't go on a Monday, we did and THE PLACE IS CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which drove me crazy, Singapore is a tourist can a major attraction be closed??????????
  • Air Conditioning is very effective, you will be cold
  • Bring swimmer for the kids, the out door water play area is great fun, but the kids will get drenched! There are change rooms and small lockers for rent.

We met up with GJ's dad last night, they have just flown in from their UK holiday. They were SOOOOO tired, so we just did a quick dinner at Hard Rock cafe (my first visit EVER to any Hard Rock Cafe site!) and then home.
We are off to the night safari tonight, Kids are very excited, with a day at Sentosa on Saturday before a morning at Little India on Sunday then flying home on Sunday evening.


spew-it-all said...

The one in Canberra is pretty good too. I went there two years ago and thought it was great. Don't go during school holiday, though, so many kids with 666 in their heads.

Jenn @ Munchkin Land said...

Oh wow! Looks like a blast!

Otis said...

Heyy, I found this page via Google looking at any info about Singapore's Science Centre, and glad that you mention about the visitor's tips. Thanks alot.

By the way, I'm Indonesian living in Jakarta too.