Saturday, May 15, 2010

Every uni assignment this year so far a High Distinction ***

I am nearly ready to snap out of my funk and denial and start to post again.......soon I promise lol.

GJ and the kids are all well, as I am; I'm snowed under with uni assignments (as per usual) and an upcoming prac in Perth...which means 4 weeks away from the family...

I've never, EVER left them for that long before!

I was recently offered a special program for honours students. It was for a post Grad. degree; a Masters of Business Management to be completed concurrently with my main degree.

I would graduated with a Bachelor of Education with a Minor in Science Communication as well as a Masters of Business. I would love to do this....slowly of course.

Unfortunately you can only do it internally, on site in Perth.....hopefully this will change in the future as I would love to do this! I can't see us moving to Perth in the near future!

**** in order to achieve so well I over do it and the eyebrows are falling out, I look like a ravenous moth/silverfish has been at them.....TMI?