Thursday, May 28, 2009

One week until university exams.....and counting.

In 1.5 weeks time I will be free to blog, and read and relax.......until then, here is a little something.

Last time we went to Singapore, Chelsea fell over and had a suspected fractured arm.
This time she slipped and fell on her chin; these are photos of the slowly fading bruise.
Very surprisingly she was not in a lot of pain...
We had no idea it was so bad until we took the ice off.
Chelsea has previously managed to snap an adult tooth in half and I was so worried she had done some dental damage, but everything was fine.
Just over a week later it has just faded away completely.

Chelsea takes after GJ....his body is covered in scars from his childhood.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

3 great things and 3 not so great things.

  • I'm presently cramming for exams........Mathematics and Functional Linguistics, it is as fun as it sounds. Not so great.
  • Mothers day was bliss, a wonderful Brunch at the Ritz with eight other families. Great!
  • We have got another round of cheap flights and are off to Singapore for a extended long weekend. Great!
  • I have managed to get rid of the latest round of nits........I'm sure the girls have a giant flashing billboard, only visible to head lice, on their foreheads inviting all the head lice in Jakarta to come and party. (p.s. the girls always share with me.......) Not so good.
  • The leaking upstairs toilet is still leaking and the roof has collapsed for the second time under the dripping sewerage! Re-grouting the floor and re-plastering the ceiling does not fix a leaking pipe under a toilet. Oh the joys of unqualified tradespeople. Very not so good!
  • Here are some photos of a great night out at the ANZA club with an ABBA theme. Great!