Friday, March 30, 2007

School tour for Janny and Tan Tan

Tae Kwon Do in Jakarta

Tan and I got to school early to watch the girls last lesson of Tae Kwon Do for the term. They have made amazing progress and are enjoying the lessons immensely.
They have chosen to do it as an afternoon school activity for next term as well.



Thursday, March 29, 2007

Janny and Tan Tan are here....

I had about 25 minutes free yesterday in between making beds and chasing Ben. Time in which I could of blogged, but after so much anticipation I had nothing to say-blogger block! LOL Janny and Tan Tan arrived last night. The flight was 1 hour late, which as good as I was 30 minutes late due to traffic. I still had over an hour wait for them to come through the gates. I got our driver to come in with me to help with the spruikers etc, but it wasn't necessary. The airport was very crowded and hot. I had a champagne on ice in the car for Janny and Tan Tan and we had very, very quick trip home. Our first day with Tan and Jan in Jakarta was wonderful. Too tired to spill the beans.... We have a big night on Friday night; we are showing Tan and Jan the delights of Amigos and frozen strawberry margaritas.... We have been taking lots of photos, I will share them soon

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Internet in Jakarta

I am connected!!!

After 20 days I am back on line,
albeit VERY, VERY slowly-dial up style connection.

But I don't care.....

I have not spoken to Lisa yet, but mum has told me that she had a beautiful baby girl
called Ella on March 15th
Ella was a perfect 7lb 6oz.

I can't wait to see photos and have a cuddle!

Rantings of an Internet deprived mother

Hi Everyone,
Back safely from Central Java, a great trip which turned up some excellent opportunities. Especially as some were almost completely by accident, it makes me wonder what else lies out there untapped?????????
Anyway here is Jen's remote update, as we are still waiting Internet connection.

Saturday 17th March

I survived my first night at the house with GJ away on a business trip.
Which is good as GJ is away most of the next 10 days.
Although it is not as if we are really alone; Ibu S and Pak S stayed over and we have 24 hr security guards so it was a full house. S& S both have families and have decided not to live here full time. They both have a bedroom and stay if they don’t want to make the trip home.

I had a rare “Me- Me” morning yesterday. When we were at the hotel commuting to school we would drive down JL Cipete Raya and see quite a few salons with big signs advertising specials. All the salons have a service called a “cream bath”; yesterday I discovered what it is. You sit in a chair after a shampoo wearing a strapless gown, and spend the next 30 minutes having an intensive conditioning treatment massaged into your head. Next a hot towel is wrapped around your head while your neck, shoulders and arms are massaged. It was divine. To make it even better I had a manicure and a pedicure and a blow dry. It cost 88 500 RP which is about $11.
I don’t know if I will go back to this salon as I think the hygiene standards are not quite up to my standards. I don’t need beautiful aesthetics and nice soothing music, but I do think that manicure and pedicure equipment should be cleaned between patrons. I only discovered this at the end of my treatment when the manicurist just picked up her kit and started on the feet of the women next to me. Luckily I was blissfully unaware of this at the time. As a service to the community I think that I will have to visit all the salons and check out their services. I will get back to you with my findings……LOL

I was fortunate to have such a good morning as I made a huge tactical error on Friday afternoon. I took the three kids and Ibu S to Carrefours straight after school (Ben hadn’t had a sleep). S and I are sharing 2 of the only saucepans that have been unpacked. S also needs a fan as her dog box sized bedroom (1.7 x 2.4m) gets no breeze. Georgie and Chelsea were needling each other and Ben was putting everything in the trolley and running into other people. Luckily it was so busy and extremely noisy that you didn’t notice the three little banshees.
Carrofours is a huge shop, like a combined Big W and a Woolworths. Cheap clothing, homewear, TV’s, appliances as well as a large supermarket.
No wall mounted fans or decent/reasonably priced pans though. Off to Toko hong kong later on JL Fatmawati.

I have received my phone bill. It is all in Indonesian, but I have a feeling that I paid nearly $70 for a 25 minute chat to Mum and Tan in Australia. As soon as I get the internet connected I will be investigating “skipe” etc for internet calls. I will get the IT guy at GJ’s work to look into it for me.

GJ keeps trying to tell me that the HR manager, IT manager and financial department are not employed for my benefit. MY reasoning is that if I am happy, he is allowed to be happy and if he’s happy he will be more productive at work and every one will be happy.
GJ thinks that this is unintelligible female logic, I think it is perfectly reasonable…LOL

I had the most amazing experience this morning. I need to get some things for the girls at Pondak Indah mall. I got there at about 9.30am, a bit early for most shops. I walked past the Metro department store just after 10am and wandered in. All the sales staff were standing at their sections along the main thoroughfare. It was deathly quiet and all eyes were on me, as I walked past each person I got a “Salamat Pagi” or “Good morning”. After about 4 minutes a recorded message came on, first in Indonesian then in English, welcoming all the customers. At the end of this there were a few gongs and then everyone relaxed and went to their sections. I felt like a very special guest!
I was trying so hard to stifle my chuckles that I nearly snorted into the silence a few times.

Tuesday 20th March

While the kids and I were on our weekly visit to the DVD shop I wandered over to the CD section and chose this great CD, “Big Rock Ballads” 17 of the biggest rock ballads from various artists. Now if it was real it would be great…….I did not expect to hear strong Asian accents, I figured it would be all original artists. We got a huge laugh out of this CD; I will be pulling it out at BBQ’s for years to come. The music was as good as GJ and I would be at a karaoke, which is why we never go to karaoke!

We still haven’t found a nanny for the kids. I have interviewed 2 so far. The first wouldn’t live in, the second would but both wanted around 1500 000RP per month. I know I am new to Indonesia and are an expat, but really……….Some of the engineers at GJ’s work start on less than that.

Monday 26th March

I can’t believe how quick the time has flown by!
I still have no internet, I am going slowly mad. I didn’t realize how much I relied on it.

Mum and Tan arrive on Wednesday…..We are all so excited.

GJ is back from his second trip away. He has some great photos from Yogjakarta and Solo. I am sure that he will hijack my blog and do a post.

We have got a wardrobe…at last. It is wonderful. I have taken some before and after photos, but will have to wait for internet connection to post.

I have found another salon for cream baths…it was in Kemang (the expensive expat suburb) and was DIVINE.
This salon was in the AWA shopping guide as well as being on the list recommended by Mrs A. Both mentioned that the prices were very reasonable. They must of meant reasonable for Kemang as there was a huge variance in price between this salon and the one I went to in Cipete. Although the service was exceptional, I can’t afford to spend
350 000rp ($45) regularly.

I am still getting use to living in a little mini community. Our house and the house next door live at the end of a short street and face each other. There is no through traffic at all.
Our staff and the staff next door all get on well together and spend a lot of time chatting.
I am still getting use to the community sharing of knowledge….The security guard told me to go to a different place as they were cheaper. I did not tell any one where I went and what for and I don’t think that they noticed that my toenails went from pink to red LOL.
It is a bit like big brother, they all know where I go, what we eat and how much we pay for things.
I will have to write more about this later when my words are flowing a bit better.
It is early morning and I am rushing to get started on school day madness.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Images from my phone

Hello everyone, GJ again

I have just downloaded some images from my phone and decided to share with you. some are quite old from the flood.

The things you see going to work!! Someones pet monkey taken last week on the way to work, just around the corner I saw 2 cows in the same narrow street and 4 goats. Not sure where the feed comes from.

The kids at the shopping mall acting like models.

This years floods

More flood

A post by GJ again, wheres the internet!!!!

Hello loyal blog readers. Its GJ again!!!

Miss Jen is going stir crazy with no Internet access, really making my life hell!!!

Sorry for the delay as I have been on the National Sales Meeting at the Kota Bukit Indah Plaza Hotel. Quick update as I'm at work and the end of our financial year is fast approaching 31March. The hotel was quite nice but after spending so much time lately in Hotels they have really lost there gloss for me!!! The area was very quite, you could see what plans were in place for the region, as there were wide roads and tree lined avenues, just no buildings. The Hotel was located at the end of a road, but you could see where the roads should have continued on. The reason for this was apparently the 1997 Asian melt down. Basically everything stopped!!! So the result was a strange place for a resort type hotel.

When I returned home on Sunday, I found the pool turning GREEN. SO I tossed in a Chlorine tablet and decided to turn on the filter. This is done at the switchboard in the garage. To my surprise it was already on, so off I trot to the pump/filter enclosure which is located in a concrete bunker below ground level( this appears to be normal in Indonesia, heaven knows why as my problem will demonstrate). As I raise the large heavy metal trap door I find the whole pit filled with over a metre of water, completely submerging the pump and almost the filter. So back to the garage to shut down the power. Then back to the pump room with a bucket to bail out the water. Once inside this small area about 5 feet square and 6 feet deep, I see the Problem!!! Pak S had obviously cleaned out the leaf basket at the pump input, only to refit it incorrectly, causing a leak. Now if the pump/filter were above ground like at home NO ISSUE, some one would spot the leak rectify the situation almost immediately. Not here in Jakarta it goes unnoticed for may 2 whole days, just enough time to submerge all the electrical components!!!! So Here I am bailing bucket loads of water out of this room in the hope that after drying out all may be fine. The up shot is after drying the pump is shagged and Pak S has to arrange for repairs today. But that's the way we do it here!!! No drama, it will all turn out OK!! It just gave Jen one more excuse not to have been in the water since we arrived, this was to be be "her" weekend to have a swim with the Kids.

Monday was a holiday here "Hari Raya Nyepi" Just make a mental note, don't travel to Bali when this holiday is on. Apparently the Balinese are silent for the holiday, so the easiest thing is to shut up shop, therefore it is very quite (excuse the pun). We still managed to go shopping here In Jakarta, ordered our DIY wardrobe to hold about 14kms of clothes we have, NOT TO MENTION THE SHOES. We were in the hardware shop and at the checkout we had 5 people attending us!!!! not because we are special just its normal practice here. There were 3 girls to handle the deposit for the wardrobe, which is the be delivered. One copied the information from one form to another form that I watched one of the other girls copy at another counter, apparently the 3rd girl is critical to the process as she is needed to make up the numbers!!! I made the process harder as I wanted to pay the whole amount rather than the standard 30% which would have necessitated numerous trips to an ATM to have the cash ready when the robes where delivered. It seemed too hard to try and give my money, I'm use to people not considering anything until they see the colour of my money. On the plus side!! if it takes 5 people to do the business at least 3 were attractive "chickee babes" so its not all bad.
Anyway off to Central Java tomorrow, I'm really looking forward to seeing more of Indonesia. One of my colleagues informed me at the conference that I should rearrange my schedule as it didn't really suit sightseeing, I did explain that it was a work trip after all. I'm sure that I see so much anyway. I will pack the camera so I can post some pics. Look forward to posting again next week.

Somebody from Kabelvision is attending our house on Thursday, not sure why?? Jen informs me they ring everyday about something. She is hoping that is for the Internet connection, but I'm not so sure.

Cheers GJ

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jen's update by remote

What an exciting chaotic day. We are now in the house and are on the hunt for all the odds and ends to organize our home.
The house has no storage what so ever. Each room has a small wardrobe with 35cm of hanging space and a few shelves. The master bedroom has slightly more, but as it is built into a corner, you can neither see it nor reach it.
We are going to put these wardrobes in the kitchen and use them as a pantry and linen press.
We were looking for the modular system of wardrobe fittings to personalize the space. We have a large alcove off our bedroom for the wardrobe area and it is hidden from first sight and as such does not need doors. Open racking would be great for ventilation and allow us to get the maximum use of space. Unfortunately no one has heard of it in Jakarta. I drew pictures and explained what I wanted and everybody thought that it was a great idea, but not available. Where is IKEA when you need them?……
The closest one is in Singapore.
The girls both need new beds. Georgia’s bed is a hand-me-down queen size which the girls are sharing. Chelsea’s was sent to the dump before we left.
The girls were promised (bribe style) new beds and linen for Jakarta. We have found some nice beds which are the ensemble style with a trundle built into the base (great for when their cousins visit…hint, hint).
The beds in Indonesia are as hard as the ground. The first night in our own bed after two months away was like sleeping on the softest pillow!

Ibu Sarinah, our house keeper has started. I think I am going to love having a house keeper, like really love. Today the girls stayed at home while we cruised up and down Fatmawati Raya. All the dishes have been done, most of the washing and ironing done and the beds have been remade to a much higher standard and all the old hair has been removed from my hairbrushes. Ibu Sarinah has also requested another bucket as she prefers to hand wash ladies underwear. We are just average middle class Australians, at home I do everything (except mowing), and here I feel like a princess!

It was fascinating to walk along Fatmawati Raya today. This is a fairly main road that leads to Blok M. It is the home accessories suburb. The shops are grouped in types along each block. The first area is for beds, curtains and carpet, and then we got to the bathroom and kitchen ware section. We also went through the hardware area.
We experienced a plethora of sounds and smell. It was a steamy, hot day and I felt like I really was in Jakarta. The foot paths are mostly nonexistent and if there is one it is heavily grooved from all the motor bikes. There are open drains everywhere which all had very pungent odors in the heat. I remember thinking that you couldn't be a blind person and walk alone in Jakarta.
I have 3 pocket language books and between them and drawing lots of pictures we did well at communicating.
We found a shop that manufactures aluminum clothes stands, beheads etc. They are coming out on Monday to give us a quote on welding up some racks.
We stopped at a large shop called Veranda. It was the most over the top Italian/European style, ornate furniture imaginable. It makes Nick Scali look minimalist! The walls were gilded; chandeliers were everywhere as were fresco's on the ceiling.
Sunday 10th March

Today was the hardware store. The local hardware shops are road side stalls. We went to the American chain of ACE Hardware (this is where I found the stain remover and potato masher!).
GJ has bought all new sockets for our appliances and is slowly replacing them all. An adapter costs about $10, but a new socket is about 20 cents.
We pulled out the wardrobes in our bedroom today and found three holes in the wall filled with live wires. There is no earth in Indonesia, so no safety switches….very dangerous. It is VERY lucky that GJ has a restricted electrical license and knows what to do. He is going to find a special crimper thingy so he can also rewire the telephone points, as they are hanging on by threads as well.

I stopped at Chem chicks, the expat supermarket on the way home and picked up supplies for our first home cooked meal. Sausages and steak with a tossed salad, so typical Aussie but SO DELICIOUS!!!!!!! While we were eating I was looking at the bottle of Paul Newman’s salad dressing I purchased and realized that I paid $13 for it……It was by far the most expensive thing on the table.

We met our new neighbors also, an American couple who have been living in Indonesia for 19yrs. They have one teenage daughter; and their house keeper’s daughter is the same age as Ben and they play for hours together.

Mrs G was telling me about the neighborhood, apparently a lot of ex/retired govt. ministers and generals live here so I shouldn't be surprised to see guards armed with machine guns roaming around. The house next to us is owned by the army, but no one lives in it. Once a week a truck load of army guys come around to clean and air it out and then leave.

The kids are now in week 8 of a 10 week first term at school. Today Chelsea told me that she liked this school the best. “It has a pool and you don’t have to work as hard” was her reasons why. All three of the kids have settled in really well. Ben has even started to talk at school!
The school is getting new pupils every week, they are almost full. Two new teachers start next term. Chelsea will be getting a new male Australian teacher.

I spend a lot of time talking and reading with the kids who are new to English, correcting their pronunciation and grammar as well as practicing phonics. All those years that my mother forced me to attend elocution lessons has paid off. I wonder how many of these kids are going to pick up my Australian accent.

Ibu Linda came over yesterday and helped me tell the pool boy that he didn't have a job. Pak S, who started yesterday, seems great. We bought over our fridges and freezers not realizing that houses are supplied with white goods. The trip over was harsh and they were covered with mould and grime. Three out of the four are now sparkling.

Thursday 15th March

We were recommended a shop in Plaza Kemang that sells good quality DVDs for a very reasonable price ($1). The kids have been having a great time choosing a movie/show each a week. I am not much of a movie watcher; I almost never have the patience to sit still for 1.5 hours or have 1.5 hours with no interruptions from cute kiddies.
I have been buying the latest American TV shows. I am up to episode 19 of Heroes (I love it!!!!!) and have about 20 episodes of Lost and Desperate Housewives to get through. It is great to be able to watch these shows when I want and with no commercials. Comment by GJ. Tell'em about your CD purchase for A$1.00

We had the most magnificent thunderstorm over the right house last night. The walls were shaking from the noise. I have finally convinced the kids that a thunderstorm is the sky having a disco party. They are slowly on the way to enjoying watching storms as much as me. I have only found one piece of my weather station as yet.
I have a great unit which measures the temp and humidity for inside and out side as well as a barometer, a moon phase, sunrise and sunset function.
So the only way I can describe Jakarta’s weather is Very hot and humid out side and nice inside the house if I have any of my 9 A/C’s on.

It is now 4.30 am (yes my strange habit of waking up at 4 am has resurfaced….) and the call to pray has just started to be broadcast of the local mosque loud speaker. I find it strangely beautiful and peaceful. When the house is quite it is very easy to hear, especially on Fridays, Prayer day, when there are a lot of broadcasts. Most of the Mosques have loud speakers on the top of the turrets (I am not sure of the correct name) and transmit calls at different times of the day. It is very hard to describe, its like singing, chanting and wailing all into one. It is a mans voice with incredible range, I am not sure what language it is in.

I have just looked at the clock and realized that Lisa and Geoff’s baby would be about 12 minutes old…..Is it pink baby Ella or blue baby Cooper? I can’t wait to find out!
Then I can’t wait to buy the precious baby a present. I love, LOVE babies, and I love shopping for them.

GJ is enjoying his guest spot on my blog. He rang me yesterday to tell me he had a few comments. I don’t think that I will be able to get him off now he has the password. I might have to change my name to Jen-GJ-Jen QLD.

It is now 5am and I have to try and wake the kids, they hate waking up in the dark.
On the weekends it is a different matter, they are up super early. Figures..LOL

Uploaded By GJ

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

GJ again

Hello all in blog-o-sphere land,

Thanks everyone that left a comment, not quite a blog record but close, so I'm pleased considering my first attempt. Sorry for the disappointed visitor expecting Jen and gone me instead, just plain bad luck!!!!!. Jen is crying foul saying the last comment was begging for replies,............... may be!!

What to say,......................Aahhhh, to correct the record from yesterdays post, I noted the odometer reading this morning, and in the interest of accuracy my journey is only 11 kms door to door, not the 15 kms as posted. So sorry for that, it is so difficult to judge when travelling so slow or stationary. We only live 1.25 kms from the school and the girls still deem it OK to watch a DVD in the car, go figure............. I suppose they see the whole movie in a week!!!!!! Today's trip to work even had Pak Y our driver double checking his watch as 35 mins from leaving to school to the office front door. I'm pretty sure this is a new record, as Pak Y had the biggest smile and seemed extremely please with himself. I can imagine the conversation in the driver's waiting area now " Can you believe!!! Kemang to S Business park 35 mins, no accidents, dents, aggression or road rage, try and beat that!!!!!!!". OOOhhhh I have just realised you are getting my distorted ravings about Jakarta which all seem the stem from the transport/traffic, oh well that's my life and I still love it!!! Sorry will try and broaden it out in the future, but realise that if we break the record YOU WILL HERE!!!!

Now a little about my up coming life;

This Friday-Saturday-Sunday off to the National Sales conference, it is being held at a resort just outside Jakarta, I don't know where and don't have too............ as I will be picked up and delivered there. Another opportunity to see something new!!!

The following Wednesday (Rabu 21 Maret) I fly off on a magical mystery tour of Central Java. Pak E my Spare Parts Manager and myself fly into Solo City, see some customers then its a drive to Jogyakarta for an overnight stay. Thursday it will be more customers then about a 3 hour drive to Semarang for an overnight stay. Friday, more customers and an overnight stay. Saturday, Branch debrief then fly home to Jakarta in the afternoon. What is going to make this trip a little more interesting is we will be flying Garuda, certainly could be worse (Adam Air!!!). If I could somehow work in an ojek(motorbike taxi) to a ferry ride this could be the ultimate thrill seekers trip. Pak E (Sorry just realised Pak E = Mr E) assures me this will be a great trip. I hope Ibu (Mrs) Jen can part with her new camera so I can post some pics for everyone.

On the home front we are slowly getting on top of things, I have dismantled the useless wardrobes in our bedroom. Who could believe that someone could create a hanging space of about a metre in a closet room area of 2.9 m x 2.8 m, so out they went. I have designed a new wardrobe that will afford Ibu Jen 11 metres of hanging space and some shoe space, but not even I could supply enough shoe space for Miss Jen. We have had people out to quote, so only time will tell if we continue to hang the clothes horizontally on the floor.

The girls are up for new beds, as we need theirs for the the upcoming visit of Miss Tan Tan and Ibu Janny. We are all looking forward to this especially how long it will take for Miss Tan Tan so say her signature phrase when confronted with a surprise/shock/out of the ordinary situation/event /action or observation"Ooooohhhh my GOD". We are all certain that this comment wont take long in Jakarta!!! for her. We are also equally certain that it will be closely followed by " blow your knickers OFF". Something Chels relates very well too.

We are still looking for a nanny, Jen and I interviewed a nice young lady the other day, but I had some reservations, so the search continues.

Its off to a banking open night at the Commonwealth Bank tonight to try and figure out our options. So many things to consider, should we hedge against the rupiah?? but what about the exchange charges when we need the local currency. Please don't take this a whinge Its just another expat in the office has been here nearly 2 years and he hasn't got round to doing anything yet. I just don't want to let it slip which would be so easy to do!!!!

Have I mentioned that I love it here!!! Each day a lunch box comes with some magic food!!! Yesterday for a change a was tempted to try the veggie one, so I start as normal to eat my way through each portion ( there are 3 plus a larger serve of rice, a prawn cracker and a piece of fruit, more on this later) only to stop at the portion, that in the meat lunch box is the main staple, and wonder what sort of veggie would that be??? Funny shape!!!! covered in a batter............ anyway the up shot is I wasn't brave enough the chow down, instead I broke through the batter to find a PRAWN!!!!!!! (shrimp for some of the international readers). Well lucky for me I did, as I am allergic to prawns, the shape usually gives the little buggers away. I proceed to ask

"Is this the Veggie box"?????
"Yes" the reply!!! "Why"???
"It contains prawns"!!
"Well Veggie means sort of veggie" is the response

I know several people back home who would roll over and become vegetarians tomorrow if prawns are involved, right Ron & Rob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The rest was OK!!!!

Well not the fruit actually, normally we get a mandarin which is great, even a banana still all good, but on this occasion the fruit was watermelon. Whats wrong with watermelon I can here now!!! Nothing its brilliant to eat chilled on a hot summers day and Jakarta is certainty a warm spot, any way back on track, Watermelon steamed over the hot rice just doesn't cut it for me, at least the banana and mandy have an outer force field to protect them from the heat, not the poor watermelon.

Anyway time to go,
but before I do I bet you guys can't beat yesterday comment numbers.

So in the famous words of Benny " Cheers Big Ears"


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

"Guest Spot"

Hello all of Jenny's blog readers, its GJ here!!!.
I have been given blogging rights for the next couple of weeks, due to the lack of internet connection at our new home. Mostly my reports will be limited to a few lines as I need to blog at my desk.

So here goes; My point of view on Jakarta is very similiar to Miss Jen's, I really feel at home here. The people are so friendly and helpful and when you see an Indonesian's smile its like the whole world lights up you can't help but be uplifted. I have decide that I want to participate in the culture (especially the food) while I'm here. So at every opportunity, I try something local, mind you most of the time with advice from a colleague. My workmates are always looking out for me, especially if the food contains chillies!!!! So the other morning at our meeting we had some local food brought in from a street vendor, mainly tofu and sweet potato fritters with small green chillies. Everyone advised not to eat the chillies, but they didn't know that I love hot and spicy food. So I ate some chillies, much to everyone's dismay, they ran for the water in the expectation of the meltdown I was going to have. I didn't need it!! and proceeded to eat some more.

I real enjoy the travel to and from the office, as I love to observe life!!! I now have a theory on Jakarta traffic to explain the time difference of nearly 2 hours for only 15 kms. Of all the different ways to work, on any given day there is one that is free from traffic. Then word spreads and people start going that way until it completely clogs up, but in doing so, it has created another free route somewhere else. The challenge is to find that route!!!! and then find the next route before that one clogs up, therefore staying one step ahead of the traffic. Simple solution to Jakarta traffic, and if anyone perfects this method please let me know I promise I won't tell anyone.

To everyone back home, IT dept in the transfer of my work email account managed to wipe my entire connect list. So if you are wondering why I haven't contacted this is the reason. The only negative I have about being here is the lack of verbal contact with all of you.

Anyway cheers for now,


Please leave lots of comments so I can tease Jen, especially now she is older!!!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Oh the horror, no internet acess...

We are in our new home and it is wonderful.

All is well.

I will not have Internet access for about 10-14 days.

I am still writing my blog everyday so I will have a huge upload once we are connected.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Last night at the hotel.

We are checking out of the hotel tomorrow!!!!!!!

The Internet is still not connected, I hope it won't be long.

Furniture only took 1hr to deliver. It is amazing at how quick 25 men can unload 4 trucks.

Now the big job begins.

My House keeper,Ibu(Mrs) S starts tomorrow, and the man she has worked with for the last 14 years is starting on Monday. Pak(MR) S will look after the pool, garden and heavy cleaning which means I will be able to get rid of the current pool person (the one who wants to charge me over 1million rupiah for part time work).

I felt strange vibes from the current pool guy. He lives at a micro house at the bottom of our road. We live in a dead end street and have to drive past him to get home. He knows when we are there and immediately comes over and hovers. He sat and watched every piece of furniture come off the trucks like he was preparing a mental catalogue. I feel pressured to employ him and provide for him and his wife. I am going to trust my instincts on this one and pay him off. I don't think that it will be the end of it-I hope I am wrong.

We had to pay costs for storage of the shipping container on the docks, but NOTHING ELSE.
No under the table payments!
What a pleasant surprise.

When I got back to the hotel I received an email from a new Internet friend advising me of the tipping and food/refreshments etiquette. Unfortunately I got it too late.....I did show the supervisor where the toilet and water cooler were.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Motor bikes in Jakarta

Here are some snaps of a typical morning on the way to school.

I took these shots to show how the motor bikes ride on the footpath if the road is clogged.

I am spending all my free time at the new house cleaning. I think my house keeper is waiting for me to finish before she starts work for us. The house has been "Brand New" for about 12 months. Although it has never been lived in it still has a DEEP, DEEP layer of dirt covering everything. Even after a through vacuum it still turns to mud when I mop.
The bad news is that I won't be finished in time........Our furniture starts to arrive tomorrow....

This is the fantastic news which cancels out the bad news!

The first load comes at about 2pm. They company can not get a truck with a 40ft container into our suburb, so it will be delivered in small truck lots.
We might be able to spend Friday night there!

I added the pictures so nobody notices how slack I have been with my blog this last week. LOL
I am feeling a little better. The antibiotics are doing a good job at killing off the bad bacteria that have cause me so much grief.
I had a very low key birthday, no fun to turn 32.5 years old (LOL, LOL, LOL)when you are sick. But boy oh boy did I get some lovely pressies........To be continued.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Exciting news

We are all very excited to find out that
Janny (my mum) and Tan Tan (sister)
have booked their flights to Jakarta!!!!!
They arrive in 3.5 weeks.
They will be our first visitors.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bali belly in Jakarta

I have never, NEVER been so sick......(and still are)

We are off to meet a doctor today.

GJ arrived home last night.

What a huge relief that was.

He had Birthday presents for me !!!!!!! 2.5 days until the unmentionable.

I have had a technology crisis

Blogger locked my blog as a potential spam site. I am a simple blog about our family life, no journalistic or book deal illusions. Luckily they have cleared me and I am back.

I have all our personal domain style emails redirected to yahoo and are using that as my main contact with the world. It is locked up. I am able to send messages but all messages that are sent to me bounce back to sender.

Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated

Luckily I also have a Gmail account, so if you want to reach me use that.