Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bali belly in Jakarta

I have never, NEVER been so sick......(and still are)

We are off to meet a doctor today.

GJ arrived home last night.

What a huge relief that was.

He had Birthday presents for me !!!!!!! 2.5 days until the unmentionable.

I have had a technology crisis

Blogger locked my blog as a potential spam site. I am a simple blog about our family life, no journalistic or book deal illusions. Luckily they have cleared me and I am back.

I have all our personal domain style emails redirected to yahoo and are using that as my main contact with the world. It is locked up. I am able to send messages but all messages that are sent to me bounce back to sender.

Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated

Luckily I also have a Gmail account, so if you want to reach me use that.

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Munchkin Land said...

Hang in there!! I really hope it all comes together soon...