Thursday, May 29, 2008

Schweppes Soda Water

I got a very funny question at school yesterday afternoon........

I went back to get the girls and walked through reception with my can of soda water and one of the receptionist asked if I was drinking beer!

It was 2.20pm!

I nearly fell over from laughing.

It turns out that this lady had never seen a black soda water can before and had no idea what it was.

Soda water is hard to find when out and about in Jakarta.
Everything is sugary drinks, tea based or tepid bottles of aqua.

Luckily Soda water is available in all the big supermarkets. I drink about 8 to 10 cans a day, I never have to worry about reaching the daily water intake LOL.

Which is just as well as I am addicted to it! There is nothing as nice as an ice cold soda water (except another one).

I am very boring with my choice of liquids....I only drink water, soda water, coffee and that order.

Just in case you are not sure...soda water is plain water flavour, salt or sugar.


Anonymous said...

LOL! My 18 yr old daughter was drinking a Mt. Dew in one of those tall aluminum bottles that they have out now. My 6 yr old son exclaimed, "Sissy's drinking beer!"
Have a great weekend!

Kristina in Nebraska

HardRockMan said...

There are actually 2 different types of Schweppes soda water available in Indonesia - The locally made version which sells for 3500Rp a can or the "imported" version which is made in singapore for about 8500Rp per can - trap for young players.

cheers big ears!

Puspita Kie said...
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Anonymous said...

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