Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A pig of a man verses a sensible sun protection policy

I meet a real life pig last week...LOL.

He overheard a conversation about bringing two laptops to Sambolo so the kids could have girl and boy movies on at the same time.

He suggested a ball instead.........

Fair comment, yes kids do need exercise.

But more importantly they need protection from the sun.

We have a very tough sun policy.

At Sambolo it is swim time from dawn to 10 am.
One more hour is allowed for play in the shade (if caught in sun it is straight inside!)
From 11am to 2-2.30 it is inside activities with lunch. We bring books, colouring and painting, modeling clay and DVD's.
The littlies often have a sleep too.
From 2.30pm it is swim time until they fall exhausted into bed.
At all times the kids wear sunscreen and swim shirts as well as board shorts.

The Pig was convinced that the kids are going to get rickets and that they are very likely to have severe vitamin k deficiency....yeah right! He was very loud and vocal in mine, and other mums stupid habit of protecting the kids skin from the sun.

What an idiot..........

Luckily he has been put back on a plane and has left Jakarta.

Goodness knows what other ridiculous ideas he feels the need to loudly share........

I am ploughing through lots of photos to share....

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