Monday, May 12, 2008

Mothers day Brunch at the ritz carlton

We had a wonderful Mothers day with friends (and half the population of Jakarta...tables in the foyer!) at our favourite, The Ritz Carlton Jakarta Brunch spectacular.
The kids had a wow of a time at the themed kids club. They decorated muffins for a special treat.

The kids all had chefs uniforms to get in the mood and had craft areas to make cards as well as a gazillion other activities..
The chef presented all the mothers with a wonderful cake and red roses.

After lunch we had a Mother and Child fancy dress fashion parade.

The kids had the exclusive use of the grand foyer room.....and loved it.

The Ritz really know how to put on a party...and we really know how to enjoy it! We left at a civilized time this weekend...we didn't have to have the lights turned out on us.

I have to make a special mention of the entertainer on the day. A man (TBA) strolled around singing in five different languages, Wonderful! He was nice too.....especially when my kids nearly trampled him down to get to the kids club.

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