Saturday, May 17, 2008

Flickr and photo storage.

I am extremely aware of how easy it is to loose all your photos. I would be devastated to loose any of my precious memories.

I heard of many tales of people losing loved ones or of fires etc and not having any photos during my years at Kodak.

I have two portable hard drives with all photos on both of them. I also burn all photos to DVD before deleting them off my memory cards.

I have been using Flickr as well for the past few years.

I currently have over 12 000 photos stored there. Nine and a half thousand people have had the fun of looking at my travels, but not any more.

It was mostly open access for all up until recently. I found that strangers had saved some of my photos of the kids as well as other peoples kids.

Any photo that was remotely inappropriate was never made public BUT Photoshop is so accessible now that I don't want having the kids images available to any old p+rv+rt.

I have officially complained and listed out sites that were of a very dubious nature and have now made all my photos for family and friends only.
If I actually know you I will share the photos with you, email me and I will tell you how.


Laurel Wreath said...

I just joined flickr also, I am under Laurel. You have my email:?

julia said...

We also hear about identity theft, they say it is easily done, or is exaggeration? One must keep some privacy intact to be on the safe side.

treespotter said...

add me on flickr?? i'm there already. Certified smut peddler, relatively safe most of the time!!

Anonymous said...

Will you still post photos of the places you visit minus images of your family? I love traveling with you and reading about your adventures! So sorry this has happened to you! How awful! God bless!

Kristina in Nebraska

Jen Jen in Jakarta, Indonesia said...

I will keep putting photos on the blog.
I have always been very selective about the photos I put here.
It was the casual snap shot that might not of been carefully cropped or edited that concerned me on Flickr...I don't have time to check them all......I take hundreds of photos each month LOL.
Lots of new shots coming soon!