Friday, October 12, 2007

Idul Fitri holidays in Jakarta

Today is the start of the Idul Fitri celebration In Indonesia.

Idul Fitri, or Lebaran, marks the end of Ramadan the Muslim holy month. This is the start of a week long holiday when most of the population go home.

Sarinah and Samino left on Tuesday night for their holiday, it has been so interesting going back to living like an ordinary Australian.

I have mentioned before that in Jakarta we live like semi-royalty, we know it and SO appreciate it.
The girls and I (Ben is trying to) have been cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and clothes... and gasp, making our own beds!

It is amazing what you can become accustom to in a few short months!

It has been sort of nice to have the house to ourselves, you know leave the bathroom with out being fully dressed etc......

We are off to Singapore tomorrow.....We booked this trip at the start of the year before we even had any idea it was Idul Fitri. We are meeting up with GJ's father and partner on the way home from his first ever overseas holiday.
We are also going to meet up with a family that we are close friend with here in Jakarta.
We have a list of so many things we want to do and see.

And of course I will take many photos and blog all about it !!! LOL


treespotter said...

i'm annoyed

Sass said...

Might bump into u at the airport :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ace,

Why annoyed???

U R loved here!!!