Friday, October 12, 2007

Maggots in Jakarta

I love was my best subject at school (I was Mrs Broughs FAVOURITE).
GJ and I encourage the kids interest in all things...but!
Last year Santa was nice enough to bring a microscope kit for Georgia.
We have had heaps of fun examining the difference between grains of rice, sugar crystals, coffee beans, hairs etc...
Today the stakes were upped.
The kids found a fly with maggots...............and guess what.....they wanted to look.

This was some of the conversation "flying" around our house today:

  • I don't do maggots
  • I birthed your children, you do maggots
  • maggots are baby flies, you do it
and from the kids.....
  • Where have the maggots gone......
We survived, just. All children are now in a dettol bath.

Another learning experience chalked up. The kids had fun.....The parents gagged alot !

PS I didn't do maggots!!!!!! I let GJ have all the fun!


Laurel Wreath said...

I don't blame you ONE BIT!!!

blondie said...

OMG! I almost gagged just thinking about your mob playing with the dead fly and the maggots!!!

I also don't do maggots or any other creepy crawlie for that matter!

:) Blondie

PS. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and will check back on you soon. Would love to link to you too.