Friday, July 07, 2006

Brisbane's naughtist children


Last month the girls lost privileges for 3 weeks after a major incident involving a once full bottle of dark blue food colouring. The areas affected included hands, nails, hair, new deck, carpet, walls, clothes, bathroom, tea towels etc.

I thought that this was pretty bad…..

Today they have set a new record. They (mainly Chelsea) have managed to pull the hugest, heaviest, best TV of the house out of the entertainment unit and smash it to death on the floor. They were incredibly lucky that they did not kill or injury themselves or their little brother.

I am speechless, so I have fallen back on the generations old phrase….


It seems to be working; I suggested that since Daddy is going to be very cranky they should make everything else perfect. I.E. clean up the toy room, their bedrooms, the family room, their deck etc.

They are being so helpful and co-operative........LOL

I wonder at what age do kids start to
understand karma and consequences?

I have decided to balance this rant with photos of the kids doing Angel impersonations. They even dressed Ben as a little fairy…I’ll save this shot for his teenage years.
They girls love makeup and dressups and when they are allowed to get it all out Ben shouts “makeup, makeup, Me Me!”


jeremy said...

aww doesnt ben look so cute LOL poor kid i bet u n sarah use to do that to me when i was a little kid lol and i didnt think that my lil cousins could be so naughty hopefully they learnt there lesson oh well got to go cya use all luv,
jeremy xoxo

Sarah said...

How gorgeous do the girls and Ben look!?!? ADORABLE....I could never imagine them doing anything that naughty...they are little angels! :)

Antique Mommy said...

Blue food coloring? And a TV? Goodness me that sounds bad! Yet? They look so good!

Kaci said...

Oh. My. Goodness. My son has yet to destroy a TV. Although he has gone thru (count them) THREE VHS/VCRs.