Monday, July 03, 2006

Little Jimmy, a 4th child?

Little Jimmy

GJ is still referring to little Jimmy coming to our house to live. Little Jimmy is what we would call our next son if we had one, short for James. I don’t know what to think about this. I thought that I should write a pro’s and con’s list to think it through. It would be a huge step to have a fourth child, I don’t know if I could cope.

Pros for James Martin…… or Kate Therese…… (We chose names nearly 15 years ago)

Babies are gorgeous
The children would love another brother or sister
Babies are gorgeous
Pregnancy and birth are easy for me (except for 24hour sickness, but lets not go there)
Babies are gorgeous
I have everything and would need to purchase hardly anything
Babies are gorgeous
Children are the greatest blessing
GJ would like another son
Children are gorgeous

Cons for James Martin…… or Kate Therese……

Sleepless nights- the worst torture for me….
Lose all brain function and conservation skills for 6 months while I breast feed (this deserves a whole post- Later!)
I am too old- We could have a combine 21st and 60th party for the baby and I
I have three perfect children
Private education would be out of financial reach
4 kids don’t fit in a standard car
2-3 more years of nappies and then toilet training….
Sanity- would it be gone for ever?
No me time, I have just got to the stage where Ben goes to Kindy 1 day a week, so I have a window of 5 hours a week alone which I LOVE.
Tiredness- I am always tired now, how much worse could it get?
Washing- I wash 4+ loads a day as it is, let’s not even think of the ironing.
My body would never recover- it would take me years to lose the weight
Holidays would be more expensive, you can get a rollaway bed for the 3rd child, but it would probably be a whole extra room if you had a family of 6.
Would moving to China be possible while pregnant or with a newborn?

Ways to overcome the Cons

Become rich and have full time help, LOL as if this is going to happen.
Give up a clean and occasionally spotless home and live in chaos
Give up personal hygiene for a couple of months
Invent an apparatus that could swap a baby from breast to breast and then burp and change its bottom all while I sleep soundly.
Have a 100% cure for morning/24hr sickness

I think that little Jimmy is a pipe dream, I might just leave it in the hands of God, if it happens (if Jimmy wants to come to us enough) it happens but I won’t try for it.
I am truly blessed and thankful with what I have already.

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