Thursday, June 29, 2006

Mice and other critters

I always explain to people that there are humans, dogs and horses and everything else is a critter and

Why can't critters understand this and leave me alone?
This week the critters that have invaded my home are mice. The drought has got them desperate for food and water and they are everywhere. I pulled out Bens spare trundle bed and found mouse poo under the doona. My teatowel drawer had poo in it, my desk has poo on it. There is poo everywhere. I have got baits hidden all around the house, but there is just so many of them. Last week I was cleaning up in the kitchen and one ran through my legs and under the fridge. Luckily we don't often see them, just the evidence of them. We pack everything away at night and leave nothing that they might like around. I just had to remove a dead one from Georgies bedroom ( the baits must of worked on this one), the girls and I were dry retching while we tried to scoop it from a great distance. How disgusting.....
Of course GJ has gone to Sydney for 2 days, so we couldn't just close the door on it and wait for him to come home and deal with it, like we usually do.
Other things we have had in our home
  • Rats
  • Huge spiders
  • Cane toads
  • Geckos
  • Sheep
  • Snakes
  • Lizards
  • Ants

there are plenty of good stories attached to all these, I will save them for later...

Today it is my sister Tan Tan's Birthday
Happy Birthday Tan Tan
Greg had a meeting in Sydney tomorrow, so he is flying down this afternoon to take Mum and Tan Tan out to dinner. They have been joking that they are going to one of my favorite restaurants in Sydney and will eat all my favorite things. Rob is coming to dinner here tonight and we are all going to have Thai takeaway so we don't feel left out.

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