Thursday, June 22, 2006

My first purchase for China

GJ is going to complain (as all husbands do when their wives spend money!!!!!), but there was a great special on snow gear this week at Aldi. I got a pair of thermo-boots, a set of thermal underwear, snow pants, gloves, neck warmer and head band all for $50. All totally unnecessary for daily life in subtropical Queensland, but essential for life in China. Most of the feedback I get about purchasing shoes and clothing in China is that it is very hard to find pants and shoes in sizes that would suit GJ and I. I am 5'7" and have a size 8.5 foot, average in Australia, but the last time I was in Hong Kong a lot of the shops would meet you at the door and say TOO BIG! Apparently it is even worse in Shanghai.

I wonder what would be considered an excessive number of pairs of shoes for an average women to own? Last time GJ did a stocktake it was over 50 pairs for me, but of course he missed quite a few pairs!
I just jumped up and did a quick count, I have culled it down to approx 54 pairs!

This is for my husband and other males:- a mini justification....
  • I never pay full price for shoes
  • I don't mind buying 2nd hand shoes off eBay and I sell off any that are not right for me.
  • I have a wonderful sister who only buys leather expensive shoes which are a little small for her and gives them all to me. ( Maybe she was psychologically damaged by the shoe sellers in Hong Kong?)
  • I look after my shoes so they last for years.

How much flak am I going to cop from this post I wonder? I might need to change my name to Jen"Imelda"Jenqld!!!!!!

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