Thursday, June 15, 2006

A busy May -Vomit, Volvo's and China

I keep meaning to blogg, but the month has got away!
The kids have been playing tag team with a vomiting and diarrhea bug. I have been cleaning up beds, floors and bums all month. Poor Chelsea slept though the last vomit, we discovered her fast asleep in a HUGE mound of cooling vomit last week around midnight. Chelsea usually makes the bathroom or a bowl, but Georgia only likes to vomit on bedding or carpet... Ben is scared of vomiting so he likes to be cuddled while he vomits all over himself or us. Oh the joys of parenting.

There have been some developments with the move to China. The Hr departments are talking and the Asia director has contacted GJ. The company wants GJ to be fluent in Mandarin. I have enrolled him at UK for a accelerated courses and found an intensive courses at QUT which will count towards his business degree. Neither of us have any skill at languages. The kids and I have a CD lesson in the car which we listen to whenever we are driving. I think that the only way to become proficient is to get over there and just jump in.
It has turned out for the best that GJ has stayed with H... A big payrise and potential relocation.
The company that first proposed a move to China has not panned out, and the other job offer was Australian based only.

GJ is presently in Singapore. He is attending a leadership conference with all potentially outstanding executives from around the world. As he was traveling overnight he is flying there and back Business class. I am sooo jealous. He will be meeting with Beijing people there for a bit of insider gossip.

Our new car arrives next week....After GJ telling me not to tell anyone that my dream car is a Volvo (as it was too embarrassing) for the last 15 years, we are getting one!!!!!
Well, GJ's car allowance is paying for it. We got a corporate deal of free servicing for 3 years plus a few other things which made the lease payments come in under budget, with just enough to pay for fuel. We are getting a white cross country XC70LE. I am so looking forward to the heated leather seats!!!!! Also the dual climate control is good, I can be lovely and warm and GJ can be in arctic conditions on the otherside. The girls like the built in booster seats. The safety aspect is very important for me, as I lost my brother in a car accident.

GJ will be most impressed with me, I stayed awake last night and watched the whole State of Origin game last night with Rob. Of course I didn't watch- I chatted and read junk mail while Rob watched. You can tell that Rob is not my husband as he did a very good job of pretending to listen and pay full attention to me and not the game. If it was GJ, I would of been totally ignored for something that riveting.

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