Thursday, June 22, 2006

Cars by Disney Pixar and the Da Vinci Code

Ben had his first movie experience last week. I took the kids to see Cars, it was great. Ben keeps saying "movies, more, movies". Luckily it was not a busy session and filled with mostly young kids as Ben did a bit a wandering in the last half, which is just a well as he pooped in his pull ups and smelt!!! He thought that lying on the floor at the front was more fun. He was very well behaved though, he kept quiet and crept down the sides and stayed away from the other patrons. Expensive, the cost for 3 tickets (Ben was free) and 1 drink and 1 popcorn was $50

I went and saw The Da Vinci Code on Sunday afternoon with Rob. Gj is not into books and wasn't interested in seeing the movie so I went with Rob. We went Gold class, It has gotten so expensive, $77 for 2 tickets. I bought the tickets and Rob got food and drink- a bottle of Champagne, antipasto and a pizza, this would of cost as much as the tickets. As nice as it is to lie in a plush recliner and sip bubbles while watching a movie, it is not something many could afford every week.

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