Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bali shock

We managed to get every one back to the beach and in the water.
This was very important as the children (and adults!) were all severely traumatized from the rip, pounding gigantic surf, rescue, resuscitation, and hospitalization of some of our group on Sunday.

But all has ended well with everybody healthy and happy and home at the villa.
I still can't bear to talk about the details.

Happy news to follow....


Anonymous said...

Good to hear that everyone is ok, could not believe your email, upset Sarah a bit, she want's you all to come home. Had to make her understood that even if you were living here, you could be holidaying in Bali, and that this could happen anywhere. Glad to hear that you have all returned to the beach. Have fun and be careful. Talk to you soon.


Shannon said...

Oh my goodness I am glad everyone is OK. When you can bear to type about it let me know what happened.

Anonymous said...

a similar incident happened to be in seminyak, was staying at the padma.
three of us went out for a swim in the ocean, about 60 - 70m from the shoreline. then suddenly, we tried to swim back to the shore but we werent moving at all, the harder we tried, the less we moved. we were caught in a rip curl.
luckily one of us realised what was happening and told us to swim parallel to the shoreline, and we moved in a diagonal fashion towards the shore. phew! that was a close call!

Anonymous said...

seminyak beach is known for its very strong undertow. the basic rule is, if you cant feel the sand underneath you, you've gone too far.
but becareful, sometimes the sand is too soft in certain areas, and you cant get traction.
for kids, nusa dua is a much better beach, with low tides and hardly any undertow.