Monday, July 07, 2008

We sacked our driver...

In March 2007, on Janny's and Tan Tans first visit to Jakarta I took them to Bogor to see the Botanical Gardens ( ok I made them do a quick walk through but it really was for them to buy some handbags LOL).

On the toll way up to Bogor our driver fell the over 100km/hour...with my mother, sister and my babies in the car.
Since this moment, I have not been relaxed in the car unless GJ or I am driving.
I always sit in the seat behind the driver and constantly watch his shoulders and face in the mirror for signs of tiredness.

Fast forward to 2008, the driver falls asleep at traffic lights, constantly.

The big clincher came when he fell asleep on the toll way to Sambolo doing 120km/hr again with the family inside.

In Australia you can't just sack someone. You have to follow a process of verbal warnings, written warnings and mediation.

I applied this practice here, the companies HR manager held meetings and explained the ramifications of what would happen if he fell asleep at the wheel again.

Well it happened again....on the way home from the airport. The fourth time.

He has been fired. Instant dismissal.

I didn't realise how worrying it was until now after he has gone.
18 months of stress.

I really don't care whether or not expats are good employers or bad ones. I know we personally treat people with respect and pay well. The bottom line is that my family's lives were placed at risk. That is not going to happen again.


Silverlines said...

I believe that safety is paramount, especially when this sort of thing happens many times without any changes even after warning(s), there's no reason to feel bad about it.

johnorford said...

wow, didn realise, u totally did the right thing.

Anonymous said...

So glad you made it back to Jakarta safely! You did the right thing by firing your driver. How horrifying! Especially, as you said, with your kids in the car!!

Kristina in Nebraska

Anonymous said...

You were absolutely right to sack him - whether you had kids or not. There was no excuse for his falling asleep. Getting plenty of sleep is not only good for his health, but essential to his responsibility as a driver.

Really, if it happens again, I'd sack the next one. When hiring others you should, state that sleeping is a cause for dismissal.

So many Indonesians seem to be sleep deprived. Late nights and the required early morning prayer take their toll.

treespotter said...

seriously, sleeping at the wheel, would've fired him the first time. You did totally the right hting.

Dominic said...

Definitely did the right thing. No way you can have a driver putting the family at risk. Given the enormous number of fatalities in Jakarta every year due to bad driving/riding skills, there is little room for error.
Hope the new one works out for you!