Sunday, July 06, 2008

Home in Jakarta

I have made it home after a very long trip and I am presently hibernating....

The Sydney trip went well, I accomplished everything I set out to.

Tan and I have found a wonderful apartment for mum in a great village; she will be moving in a few weeks.

We got mum in to see a physcogereatician....(I know what a mouthful--this is a specialist doctor that deals in older people with mental health issues) and she is now on the new medicine for Alzheimer patients that is supposed to be great.

I of course managed a little shopping at some wonderful shopping malls.

The weather was and crisp. It did take a week for the cold to penetrate my overheated bones though. I thought I would never be able to get rid of the accumulated Indonesian heat LOL.

I don't think I will be able to get out/tell all that happened on this was such a strange mixture of highs and lows.

I have come back to Jakarta and found some more highs and lows as well...more to follow.


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of you and hoping all went well. I think your renters may be moving out. Yippie Adele

Achuthan Kutty said...


I have been reading your blog extensively as it does give a lot of insight into life in Jakarta. I am from India and I am seriously considering an offer to relocate to Jakarta, with a multinational marketing services organization as its Country GM.
A few tips would be helpful - my office will be at Rasuna Said and hence what would be nice apartment blocks/areas to stay in? I am considering an apartment only because I will be single in Jakarta. I also want to be close enough to the International Sports Club and somewhere close to the toll road to Sentul - I am a horse lover and hence I do see myself spending quality time with the Jakarta Equestrian Club in Sentul - unless of course there are other riding stables.
One last question - what kind of a car is best for Jakarta? In india I drive the Indian equivalent of the Kijang Innova - would that be a good car to drive in Jakarta?

Thanks in anticipation.