Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Day 2 of Blog

Here we are day 2.... what do I write, do I spill the beans of everything... or do I think about who is going to read this and what they will think?

It is the middle of March and still stinkin hot , I so can't wait for winter. I love my jeans! I want a day temp of 23 degrees, perfect for jeans t-shirt and joggers. I also want a night time temp of10 degrees, perfect for flannette sheets and a doona.

I am still madly researching Shanghai , where to live, what school for the kids and where to go shopping!!!!! etc . I wonder how we will go living through a Chinese winter? ( I am definately weather fixated today.

Georgia is home sick today, nasty cough and runny nose. She is so sick that she wasn't overly worried about missing her friends birthday party this afternoon. Chelsea is still going and we will leave Ben at kindy until the party is finnished. Greg's associate from Sydney is up for 3 days and will be staying with us. Thai tonight.. Darryl knows how much I like this for dinner!

We are looking forward to our trip to Sydney for Easter ( I might have a chance to wear some of my new jeans). My sister, TanTan has got lots planned for the girls, poor Ben though, at 2.5years of age he is too small to go.

No photos today, I have tried 3 times to upload but it is just not working.

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