Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Baby Niece

My baby niece is not a baby any more....
She has morphed into a vision of loveliness.

The photo below is taken with her YOUNGER brother, my nephew Jeremy (6'3" at 15!)
Sarah has just graduated from high school and is eagerly waiting university placement(10 more days...).
These photos were taken at the schools graduation ball, isn't she gorgeous!

They all hired a hummer to take them to the ball, it created a huge fuss..I didn't even know they had hummers in Brisbane!

I still remember the day when her mum got the 1st inkling that she was pregnant with only seems like yesterday!

I can't wait for Sarah to come and have a fun holiday in Jakarta!


Geologychick said...

Thanks for the comment on the Blog. Hope your ankle is doing well! We have postponed our move for 6 months, at least. We just have too many projects to finish up with the house. Hope you and your family have a happy holiday!
--Lorie (your friend in California)

Anonymous said...

Gee your niece and nephew are good lookers,they must take after there father.Thanks for sharing this with us.

Sazzle said...

naw... lol.. how embarrasing Aunty Jenny =P
and yay, i cant wait to save enough money to come visit for a holiday =D

it will be heaps of fun and great to see everyone again..

and im looking forward to shopping over there... =P

and LOL at the anonymous (*cough* DAD *cough*) comment...haha

Hope to see yous soon

<3 Sarah xXx