Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kecipir, in Gado Gado

GJ asked Sarinah to cook Gado Gado this week...mmm yummy!

On the platter there was a strange green vegetable that I had never seen before. It is called Kecipir and was grown in our garden!

It is similar to a green bean and was delicious.

I have this great book called A Jakarta Market by Kaarin Wall; it is available at AWA as well as ANZA. This book has black and white sketches of common Indonesian fruits and vegetables as well as a short description. The book has the local name as well as overseas names which makes it easy for Sarinah and I to swap recipes as well as write out the shopping list.


treespotter said...

OH!! She didn't say?!??

the funny thing has 'special' properties...

GJ said...

Lucky girl!!!

Is it Indonesian herbal Viagra??