Friday, January 23, 2009

Mothering a boy

Boys are different.

As Ben gets older I am realising just how different they are from girls to parent.

Last year Ben spent the last term in grade one prep, this year he has started grade one. The changes in him are huge.

Gone is my snuggly baby/toddler, I now have a sweaty boy who comes home filthy every day and is energised by sport and activity- no more day sleeps or quiet time- it is full speed ALL DAY!

My word is not gospel any more, Ben justifies, reasons, pleads and discusses options- his options not mine.

This week I caught him wiping his nose on his school shirt, in public, he told me that he had to as the classroom had run out of tissues and it was all he could do except lick it. This reason did not stand with me as we weren't at school and I always have a hand bag full of tissues (boys have lots of snot).

Needless to say, a big box of tissues has been sent to school with him as well as strict instructions not to wipe his nose on his uniform.

As usual Mr funny bugger helped me discuss this with his son. His advise was to wipe his nose on the girls shirt, my shirt, his classmates shirts or his teachers shirt (sorry Ms C)....yes I am co parenting with a juvenile......


Stephanie said...

This post had me first nodding in frantic agreement, then ROLLING in that "Oh my gosh, I have SO BEEN THERE" laughter!

Halfpint is 7yo & in 1st grade here. I'm going to go out on a limb & say that this is just a universal boy thang. ;o)~

Rob Baiton said...

Something for me to look forward to :D

Amanda said...

LOL! So I have THAT to look forward to with my son. He's at the stage of keeping his fingers in his nose so no snot actually comes out yet.