Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Movie star kids

The kids had an exciting, yet long and tiring weekend shooting a TV commercial for a Dutch food company.
The add will only be shown in The Netherlands, but we will get a copy.
Georgia was in all three ads and Ben was in two of them. Chelsea was an amazingly good understudy!
This all came about because an agent was in the photo shop last year when GJ picked up some photos I was having printed and asked for his business card.
I was quiet dubious about the whole thing, the kids are shy at first with strangers and have never done anything like this before. They all did fantastically, and are working out what to spend their earnings on.
The TV mom and dad were flown out from Amsterdam, as were the director, produces etc. I was really impressed with how easy the crew made it for the kids. The set was in the middle of this cavernous warehouse and looked so real from certain angles.


Anonymous said...

Wow!!!!! What a cool thing to have happen to you! I'm sure your kids were thrilled!!


Angela Rhodes said...

Hello! I found your blog while searching for other expats. It's a really great read! I am also an aussie living overseas. Right now I am actually in Amsterdam, I should look out to see if your kids are on TV here! :)

It's really nice to see the expat family thing working, we love living around the world and hope we can still do it when we have a little family :)