Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Halloween in Jakarta, 2009

A Punk, A Pirate and a Witch!

The school had a Halloween themed day on Friday 30th, GJ's birthday.

The kids had their FIRST experience of Trick or Treating!. A few of the large Expat clubs and compounds host  organised events; we went to the Kemang Club Villas for their event on Friday night. The kids had a party at the club house with a magician before the main event of Trick and Treating! Ben was shocked that you go to the participating houses and "they just give you candy!!!!" lol.

We have a great stash of candy now that the kids and GJ are working their way through!

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Tanya said...

Even American friends say halloween is a 'funny holiday'. Cant say I like the door to door collection of lollies (we eat enough of those as it is) but I like the excuse to dress up a lot!
PS you would love Shanghai. We spent hours wandering little alleys, rode the metro, ate at the street vendors (apart from coffee bean and subway- novelties for us!)and bargained with giggling vendors in chinglish and I cant wait to go again...