Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The before, before.......

We have just received the keys back to our home........the tenants now have 48 hours to rectify all noted problems.

Of course they won't be able to, a professional cleaning crew would take 5 days to clean it. The walls can't be cleaned: they are too far gone, the painters will need 3+ days.
All the carpet needs to be replaced (on Friday!).
All the curtains are going in the bin.
Hopefully with cleaning, new paint, carpet and curtains the foul stench will go.......
The gardens will probably take at least a year to repair (its 1.5 acres)

The bright side is that it can only get better, as it has hit rock bottom......

Hopefully it will all be fixed in the next week and a half so we can move back in!
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