Thursday, May 19, 2011

Heirloom Silver Cleaning

I  recently dug out all the family silver from storage and was dismayed to see how much tarnish  had accumulated. I was using the trusty Silvo Silver Polish to clean it and it was taking for ever; so I went to Google and found the BEST and QUICKEST way to polish everything.

It was so simple.

I lined the kitchen sink with Aluminium foil and filled it with extremely hot water and a bag of Bicarbonate of soda and then just put the pieces in and left them for a few minutes. After a rinse in warm water and a wipe with a linen cloth all the pieces were sparkling.



Jenny said...

Yes, I posted about this a while ago now but am still amazed by it. Your silverware looks fantastic. ;-)

Shannon said...

Oh WOW! That really worked! I'm impressed.

andry yudha said...

it's amazing,,, i wanna try it, :D

thanks for sharing