Monday, August 22, 2011

Curtains at last

When we bought this house, it came with the top of range, expensive custom made drapes on every window.

Unfortunately they were all  hideous!

The ones in the formal lounge were so ugly and filled with dust that they were thrown away immediately. I thought we would never have drapes here as the windows are so large (6m x 4m) and it would be horrendously expensive to cover them. Privacy is not an issue, as we look out over the treetops into green hills, but I wanted something to soften the wall of glass.
Before we left Jakarta, the kids chose custom drapes for their bedrooms and on the spur of the moment I got them to make up some sheers for the lounge. I am so pleased I did as I think they make all the difference for around $100.
GJ thinks that installing curtains is the devils work, but I smiled sweetly and he got out the ladder. I have to wait till we get a big group of strong men over to hang the other half of the room as the baby grand piano is in the way. But soon it will be done!


Anonymous said...

The curtains look lovely - there is something about white sheers to soften any window, in any style. Gorgeous!

Heather said...

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B is building a house said...

How exciting!!!

Look forward to seeing your curtains.

We've been in our house for around 6 months now, and not one single curtain... Really need to get my act together... but there are just sooo many things to consider when making decisions on materials etc used. DOh! Wish it could be easier...


julia said...

Please update your blog once in a while when any major life changing events happen!

Viera said...

they look just perfect for the room.

Turkey Tour Packages said...

Those Curtains are beautiful..