Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Exhaustion, plus caffeine

I am exhausted

I taught the entire class of combined grade 2 and 3 ALL day, by myself, with all the planning and preparation. Then I took our kids to a party where the entire class was (+loads more) screaming around having a great time.

Even though all the kids had a parent or adult supervision there, all the kids still came to Miss Jenny for all their needs (eg miss Jenny my nose is running-ask your mum for a tissue; Miss Jenny, **** fell over and is crying- tell their mum; Miss Jenny I am thirsty, ask your mum who is standing next to me or ask the waiter who is also close). I wonder if my kids do this when I am not around? I feel quite mean even thinking this , let alone blogging it. But by 5.30 pm I so wanted some quiet space. I suppose an kids adventure playground with cakes and lollies in abundance is not the place for relaxing at the end of a really hectic day.

It was raining at first and second break so there wasn't even time for a quick QUIET coffee in the staff room as the kids stayed inside.

I don't know how Ms K does this 5 days a week.

Teachers should be on 6 digit salary packages!!!!!!
The school approached me today about upgrading my adult teaching qualifications to early childhood teaching. In Australia I looked into it, but it was just not financially viable. I would have had to do an extra three years at uni full time and then on qualification would have received a salary of just $48K pa. At the end of the year I might investigate it to see if it is offered as a correspondence course as the school would help with prac. etc. Apparently teachers on international schools are paid better than at home.

I have just realised why I have been having a few sleepless nights lately. I picked up some Panadol Extra at the supermarket last week for a sore neck. In Indonesia Panadol Extra is not extra strong pain killers, it is Panadol with caffeine added to give you a boost.
Caffeine, just what you need at bedtime.

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