Sunday, February 11, 2007

Strawberry Margaritas

Last weekend we were at the kids favourite shop getting chocolate milkshakes when I glanced at the next outlet. The shop was a Soy milk drink shop which sold all manner of soy drinks. The most outlandish to me were the avocado soy milk drink and the wheatgrass soy milk drink.
I have also noticed cans of fizzy flavored milk drinks in the shops. I don’t think that I will be acquiring the taste for these style of beverages.

Friday was a wonderful day for us all. It was my first free morning. GJ took the kids to school on his way to the office and I was alone in the apartment.
WOW, I was in heaven; a leisurely bath with no interruptions and then a quick salon blow dry with hot coffee (I am use to luke-warm coffee due to 3 kids).
It was then time to collect Ben. Our driver needs a minimum of 1 hour to pray on Fridays around midday, so I arranged to be dropped off in Kemang during this time. We had a quick lunch and then found the DVD shop that every one has been telling me about.
I have been buying a few DVD’s for the kids, but have been buying certified copies ( I think!). This time I know that I was buying fakes. I always like to buy certified copies of things, especially computer programs, I am SOOO law abiding. Three and a half weeks in Jakarta and I am already into counterfeit goods LOL. The DVDs worked out to be $1 each.
I think we are going to get our driver Mr Yadi hooked though. I saw him laughing at Hannah Montana and Buzz Light Year when we were stopped in traffic.
After becoming a film star; a film crew filmed Ben and I sitting in the coffee shop, we ventured out! Just as well I didn’t take the pram as there was no footpath or flat surface to push it along. We went into a antique-ish carpet shop. I had a great chat with the owner, a Pakistani gentleman, who sends his children to boarding school in Australia because it is cheaper than the international schools here. I was standing on a beautiful Turkish rug and nearly fell on it when he told me it was AU$20 000. Mr Chaudhry supplies Rugs a Million and Solomon carpets in Australia with a lot of their stock.
Kinara Art Gallery was stocked with heaps of stuff that I loved and wanted, but of course don’t need.
After this we wandered around and managed to cross the road. In Jakarta it seems that you just walk out and the traffic stops for you….or you hope. I don’t cross that way. In Australia I would always go to the crossing or traffic lights even if it means another 5 minutes walk.
So after spending 10 minutes on the footpath waiting to cross I had 2 taxis and the headmistress of the school stop to offer me assistance. Luckily I was then able to cross the road.
The kids and I went to the office to collect GJ before heading of to Amigos for Friday night happy hour.

The jug of frozen strawberry margaritas was just as good as the last time! After dinner we saw another Aussie family from the school and went over for a chat. We ended chatting our way through more margaritas until the house band started. The kids were having a fantastic time, they were all dancing joyously. Ben was head banging, playing his air guitar and boot scooting all at the same time.
We met a few other couples with kids around the same age as ours. (One couple lived in the Country woods estate, but I didn’t get a chance to ask them any questions, don’t worry Simonn, I will and let you know)
I think a regular night at Amigos with half price jugs of Strawberry Margaritas sounds like a good idea.

We had then curtain shop out to measure and quote on Saturday at the new house. It was so hard to communicate what we wanted. Luckily I was able to get GJ’s CEO’s wife to drop in and translate. It was just as well as the guy doing the measuring had a completely different idea to what we had.
Unfortunately we will have to start again as the cost was just phoned through….27 500 00. Rupiah or AU$4000.00. There is no way I am spending that for only three years occupancy.

The bonus of spending time at the new house was that I was able to do 2 loads of washing. The house is unfurnished, but comes with a washing machine and fridge freezer.The hotel charges 36 000 RP for a self serve load of washing, which is about $5 a load and if you want powder it is an extra $1. The machines are rough and our clothes are starting to pay the price.

We had a very interesting day on Sunday, but I can’t type after a glass of wine, so I will have to rain check…..

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Laurel Wreath said...

Sounds like a lot of fun all around. Glad you got a chance to have some alone time,I love that...

I love Strawberry margaritas!!