Friday, October 02, 2009

National Batik Day in Indonesia

It is Batik day at school today, 2nd October 2009.


Shannon said...

The batiks are lovely. My kids have now outgrown all the batiks we bought while we were there. I wish I had thought to buy a few in a larger size. Dave however insists on periodically wearing his batik shirt to work here in German. Always gets him a few strange looks.

Kathryn said...

It was so lovely at school today seeing everyone in their Batik. Although I havent found a batik top/dress to wear myself yet....them boobs just seem to get in the way and I look awful in anything I've tried on. I made do with a batik scarf I toed around my waist gypsy style!
A colleague of mine with the same problem came into school today dressed to the nines and I said "oh...where's the batik then?" and she reploed "Batik...oh!! I thought it was boutique!"