Friday, October 09, 2009

Ocean Queen Pelabuhan Ratu

We had a few days this trip where the waves were suitable for the kids to have a swim. This stretch of coast is notorious for its dangerous surf and undertow, last time we were at Ocean Queen it was just  too dangerous to go in. It is a beautiful little beach with black sand and local small fishing boats pulled up above the high tide mark. The jungle comes right up to the edge of the beach, the bottom right shot shows two young guys surfing on a single board.

The kids spent days collecting wood for a bonfire and on the last night the dads lit it for them on the beach.

This is the main beach of the resort, the girls had fun playing badminton as the sun set.

Early morning Bullock exercise along the beach; every bungalow has its own beach cabana.
  I think the kids have been to too many 5star Brunches......this is how they set the table for last nights dinner!

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