Thursday, July 22, 2010

What a year.....

We are now four weeks away from stopping the Gypsy lifestyle, moving from one spot to another and moving into our own home. We have had 5 moves since December last year, that is a lot of moving and living out of suitcases and boxes. We have racked up a lot of flying hours too!

It's is no wonder I haven't had time to blog!

I've also had to leave GJ and the kiddies behind and do a mammoth 4 week stint in Perth, Australia for uni, in addition to the monthly trips to Sydney, Australia I need to do to help care for my Mum who has Alzheimers disease.

I have also been in denial about moving and did not want to talk about it, hence no blogging.

The global financial crisis has had a big effect on our lives, even though it hasn't impacted on Australia or Indonesia nearly as much as elsewhere in the world. Unfortunately GJ worked for a German company who were once the market leader in their industry...but not any more.
The share price has gone from a 2006/2007 peak of 41.58 Euro to a low of 2.81 Euro and at that rate there is no room for family expat packages. We had 6 months notice to find another job or leave the country.....We had to leave, which was devastating to us all as we LOVED living in Indonesia. But all good things must end so it is on to the next adventure.......

I have also just found a heap of comments awaiting moderation, even though I don't have comment moderation on.............

Now I have explained my absence, I will have to keep up the momentum and get back to semi regular blogging.I have though kept up my Face Booking......I am now addicted to it lol.

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