Monday, October 11, 2010

Heart stopping terror at home

THIS SNAKE WAS IN MY HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My Twitter and Facebook friends have all heard me shouting out in horror about finding this critter in the toy room draped over the kids TV and DVD/etc machines while I was preparing the room ready for  Georgia's birthday sleep over party.

Yes, a big HUGE (to me) snake, inside my house.

Luckily my favourite snake handler still lives next door and was able to save the day and remove this beast back to his special enclosure before releasing into the wild...along way from here.

Words can not express the fear I felt, or the speed I ran up the street to next door. I'm sure you can all imagine what it would be like to be home alone with a slithering reptile...uggh! GJ was at work an hour away and his advice was to shoo it out with a broom...yeah right, as if that was ever going to happen.

Unfortunately there are a lot of nasty critters in Australia; and they all seem to want to come and live with me, here are but a few of my terror experiences.

GJ also had a bad experience last week, he had to scrap a rotting dead very large rat out of our roof......yes the joys of Australian acreage living!


Anonymous said...

EEEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!!!!!! That snake is huge!!! I would have freaked!!


johnorford said...

any idea what kind of snake it is?

Jenny said...

How scary for you!!! We live on acreage too and touch wood haven't had anything too scary in the house! Outside yes, but not inside. ;-)

brad said...

Yeah, that snake looks huge. I remember reading about some of the other snakes you've had come live with you. At least you have the reptile handler next door to help you find new homes for them.

Jen Jen Qld said...

John, It's a green tree snake and very common in Queensland.


It is not venomous and has no fangs as such but will bite repeatedly if cornered. My neighbour said that it would make a young child feel slightly sick if they were bitten.

It is amazing how much fear this species puts into people. Yuck, I get shivers down my spine just thinking of them!

Jenny, I think I have some sort of invisible attraction to critters; we've even had a crazed sheep once run into our house and spray my formal lounge with pee and poop!

I can deal with rats (sort of..), spiders as big as plates, cane toads, geckos, bugs etc but I refuse to deal with snakes lol!