Saturday, September 02, 2006

Snakes on a plane...No they are all in my garage.

I wrote this comment on one of my favorite blogs, AMAZING TRIPS this morning. Jenn is a wonderful writer with 3 gorgeous triplets who has a little problem with rats and spiders at the moment.
I think it was prophetic, as guess what I found in the garage after lunch today.....a whip snake.

Jenny in Queensland said...
Oh Jenn, another wonderful post. I am going to do a search in Australia to see if there is anything like Bosom Buddies. I taught my self to knit this winter courtesy of The Australian Women's Weekly. I am finding it very therapeutic. As a semi- rat expert, I thought I would add my top tips. Here we get rats every February, they always live in packs, so we usually get about 5. I have about 8 pairs of cheap BBQ tongs just in case GJ is not here and I have to do the disposal. Everything goes into the bin. GJ reuses the traps though. Baits aren't that useful and my biggest fear is that the rat will die in some hard to reach spot and smell.
I have the motto - "I don't deal with critters", unfortunately the critters don't listen. I must have a huge neon sign only visible to critters flashing on my body-
"torment this person, bring your friends!" I hope the sign is not transmitted by reading my blog......

Luckily our neighbour Ben was home and helped GJ deal with this nasty critter....Ben took it home with him.
I have included this photo to show how close the gargage is to our living area. Ben's bedroom is the first one in the hall behind the green wall. My office is right behind the open door, I am standing in the formal dining room. The sunken lounge is to the left and the kitchen is behind me. There is 2 little steps down into the garage, this is where both snakes have been. This area is where I have my spare freezer and the big glass door drinks fridge, we are all in and out of here all day long. At nighttime I don't usually bother with turning on the light. I will now though!
GJ has just left to go to the Seafood market. We are having a seafood feast on the deck tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be perfect. We are having prawns, oysters and chicken with lots of Champage. I will take lots of photos. Rob is bringing his latest "chickeebabe". We don't often get to meet his many girlfriends, they have to be extra special to get to meet his family/closest friends. I can't wait...


Jen3 @ Amazing Triplets said...

UGH! After what you've been through with snakes - I think I would ALWAYS turn on the light AND carry a shovel around with me!!! Thankfully, you have a good neighbor who can come help you get rid of it!

Have a wonderful time at your cook-out ... it sounds like a great event!

Veronica Mitchell said...

We have a big rat snake who makes his appearance on a tree every spring, but we love him. Keeps the mice away.

But I used to live in Alabama, where roaches are everywhere. The worst was slipping on my shoes in the morning and finding one inside. I learned to check first.

Devi said...

hi Jen! Argh I'm so afraid of snakes!